Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is the perfect Theme Park. That’s Dad’s story and he’s sticking to it. It’s the best designed, it’s the most fun, it’s just the best. Trust me.

The Entrance to the Magic Kingdom.
The perfect day starts here – photo by Mike Billick

There is a reason they call this park Magic. It truly is. Michael Eisner christened it as the “Most Magical Place on Earth”. From the walk down Main Street, to the Yo, Ho-ing with the Pirates, this is the best place in the whole wide world!

Main Street, U.S.A.

Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom
Main Street, U.S.A. is the heart of the Magic Kingdom – photo by Judd Helms

Main Street is the like one of the heart of the United States towns from the time that Uncle Walt grew up in. There’s a candy store, an old fashioned ice cream parlor, a fire station, and even a haberdashery.

Main Street is the opening credits of a great show. It’s the best place to watch parades to watch the fireworks and to see Cinderella Castle.

Here’s some of what’s on Main Street:

Check out the windows on the upper floors of the buildings. The names there are a tribute to those that built the Magic Kingdom.

Dad’s Main Street, U.S.A. page


Walking into Fantasyland is something special – photo by Rich Ramos

Fantasyland is the home of the most loved Disney World rides of all times. Some of these rides were designed by Uncle Walt himself.

From 2012 to 2014 Fantasyland received a major upgrade. The remodel brought new attractions and fun.

The first section that opened and is called Storybook Circus.

Storybook Circus attractions –

The Beast’s Castle – Beauty and the Beast

Prince Eric’s Castle – The Little Mermaid

The Cinderella Castle Area –

The rest of the Fantasyland attractions –

Fantasyland is the place of Princesses and Fairytales. Its stories are from the best Disney movies of all times. Don’t miss this.

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Liberty Square

Liberty Square is all about history – photo by Mike Billick

See the pride of a new country. History abounds in every step. From the Liberty Bell replica to the beautiful Liberty Belle Riverboat which could have been working where Mark Twain himself came from.

The the Hall of Presidents you’ll get a chill as you walk through the history of America.

Attractions –

While the Haunted Mansion doesn’t really fit the idea of Liberty Square, the whole area oozes with history. Take a look around. You might just find something amazing.

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The entrance to Frontierland where the west begins in the Magic Kingdom
Spend some time in the wild west in Frontierland – photo by Laurie Sapp

Frontierland tells the story of how the west was won. (Or something like that.) This is a different look at the history of a growing country. A wild and sometimes even romantic history.

Grab your rifle and run off to Tombstone at the Arcade. What a cool place to spend some time. Big Thunder is the fastest ride in the West. And there is nothing more down home fun than going to an old fashioned Country Bear Hoe Down.

Attractions –

Splash Mountain, like the Haunted Mansion is a bit out of place, but it’s one of the busiest rides in the Magic Kingdom, it just doesn’t really fit the rest of the area. It’s one of the best rides in the park.

Uncle Walt wanted to capture Westward Expansion in a sometimes whimsical, sometimes scary and always just downright fun way. He did pretty good.

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Wild adventures happen when you cross this bridge – photo by Judd Helms

Take a trip to exotic lands around the world. Watch out for the pirates. They are everywhere.

The attractions in Adventureland are classics. They include one of the first animatronic shows ever produced (the Tiki Room) and one of the most unique exhibits you’ll ever see (the Tree House). Then there is the ride that created a whole new movie craze.

Attractions –

While Pirates may be the star of the show, Jungle Cruise is a pretty good warm up. What can you say about the Magic Carpets of Aladdin? It’s Dumbo with a twist.

Classic, timeless rides that are just a whole lot of fun. This is Adventureland.

Dad’s Adventureland page


The best rides in the Magic Kingdom are in Tomorrowland
The best rides in the Magic Kingdom are in Tomorrowland – photo by Cliff Wang

“The future that never will be

This is Dad’s favorite part of the park. The rides here are the best anywhere. The classics are some of the best Uncle Walt himself created. There is nothing more relaxing than the Carousel of Progress or Tomorrowland Transit Authority.

If you like things a little quicker then Space Mountain and Astro Orbiter are quite invigorating. Want to have a little fun? Try Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor.

Attractions –

The best of the Magic Kingdom is at Tomorrowland. Buzz Lightyear is the best ride at Disney World (in Dad’s opinion).

This is Dad’s favorite part of any park.

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Cinderella Castle

Cinderella Castle is the heart of the Magic Kingdom
The heart is Cinderella Castle – photo by Brett Svenson

Cinderella Castle is the center of the park. For very good reason, it’s amazing. The 189 foot castle towers over everything else in the park (even the other castles behind it). It draws you to it’s spires and it’s majesty. Girls and Boys of all ages dream of living in the castle. (Dad still does.)

Cinderella Castle is Florida’s most photographed landmark and maybe the worlds most recognized icon. Every person with a camera has to take at least one (and usually a hundred) pictures of the castle. The castle also makes the perfect background for a fireworks show.

Everyone should experience the knee buckling experience of seeing Cinderella Castle. Whether it’s your first trip down Main Street or your thousandth, the first glimpse of, well the castle is just Magic.

It will bring tears to your eyes. (Yes guys, sometimes it’s OK to cry.)

(See Dad’s favorite memory of Cinderella Castle)

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Best Day to visit Magic Kingdom

So when is the best day of the week to visit the Magic Kingdom? It’s any day. Yes, every day is a good day to go to the park, but some days are a little better than others. Check this out.

Dad’s Best Day of the Week to Visit Magic Kingdom page

Magic Kingdom Dining

Aloha Isle is Dad's favorite place for a snack in the Magic Kingdom
Dad’s favorite place for a snack – photo by Judd Helms

The Magic Kingdom is not famous for it’s fine cuisine, but it does have one of the most coveted restaurants at Disney World.

Both the Quick Service Restaurants and the Table Service Restaurants offer unique experiences not found in any of the other parks.

Check them out …

Quick Service Restaurants

Pinocchio Village Haus offers something more than a hamburger ot hot dog
Pinocchio Village Haus, no hot dogs here – photo by Laurie Sapp

Through the years the “fast food” restaurants have improved greatly. Now it’s a lot more than just hamburgers and hot dogs (although the hamburgers and hot dogs are pretty good).

It’s funny that the simplest restaurants can be the best. Casey’s is a not to be missed experience. They are all something special to behold.

Table Service Restaurants

Step right into Beauty and the Beast at Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom
Be Our Guest is a spectacular place for dinner – photo by Cliff Wang

While small in number, the Table Service Restaurants are really, really special. Cinderella’s Royal Table may be one of the best dining experiences for a family anywhere.

Tony’s, Liberty Tree Tavern and Crystal Palace are interesting and unique and have some great food. Try them all.

Grabbing a bite to eat has gotten more interesting in the last few years. There is some really “fine” dining and some really good grub available in the Magic Kingdom. Enjoy.

Dad’s Magic Kingdom Dining page

Parades, Shows and More

The fireworks are just incredible, even from far away – photo by Courtney Reynolds

The Magic Kingdom is more than just the rides. It’s more than the food. Some of the best entertainment Disney offers can be found on these streets.


Malificent breathes fire during the Festival of Fantasy parade in the Magic Kingdom
Maleficent breathes fire at the Festival of Fantasy – photo by Brett Svenson

Uncle Walt loved parades and if you’ve seen any parade put on by Disney you know that they are the best. Period. The afternoon parade had been a fixture ever since the park opened.

(The parades are great, but they don’t hold a candle to the parades that happen after dark. What a show.)

  • Festival of Fantasy– the afternoon parade
  • Move It! Shake It! MousekeDance It!- party time with the Disney Characters as the dance and sing their way down Main Street.

Make sure to find a spot to watch these great shows early because the best spots will fill up quickly. Sometimes people line up 2 hours before the parade starts. (Dad has.)


The Castle Stage shows have fireworks even during the day in the Magic Kingdom
Fireworks are part of the shows even during the daytime – photo by Mike Billick

Every day there are several stage shows that thrill guests all around the Magic Kingdom. Whether it’s dancing with Mickey or the Country Bears or learning to be a Pirate.

These are something special.

  • Dream along with Mickey – the Castle stage is the location for music and dancing while experiencing Mickey’s dreams.
  • Frontierland Hoedown – have some fun with the Country Bears.
  • Captain Jack Sparrow Tutorial – learn to be a “proper” pirate. You can take the oath and join the crew.

Disney knows how to entertain a crowd. I want to be a Pirate. Pick me!

Little Extras

The morning starts out with a little song and dance – photo by Rich Ramos

The little extras are what separate Disney Parks from other theme parks. Some of these are mind blowing and some are just simple daily activities that bring a special feel to the park.

  • The Flag Retreat – every day at 5:00 pm the Magic Kingdom flag is lowered by the Security color guard with the Dapper Dan’s and the Main Street Philharmonic accompanying.
  • The Dapper Dan’s – Dad’s dream group. The Dapper Dan’s are a Barbershop Quartet that performs several times a day outside the barber shop, oddly enough. (Keep checking, one of these days, you might find Dad in stripes.)
  • Main Street Philharmonic – 12 piece brass and percussion group that sound like a big brass band. (Stunning how that works.)
  • The Main Street Pianist – the piano player (don’t shoot him) outside Casey’s Corner.
  • Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom – an interactive game that’s played by a special park map that leads to Magic Portals that when accessed brings up villains that have to be vanquished with spell cards.

Check out the schedule on your map to see what shows, parades and little things that are happening during your visit. Take advantage of some of the best entertainment Disney has ever developed.

The Big Finale

Fireworks cap off a busy day – photo by Judd Helms

And of course the day ends with the best shows anywhere. Every night, the best fireworks show in the world ends the day at the Magic Kingdom.

Happily Ever After is the name of the night time fireworks show. It’s a 18 minute spectacular filled with flashing lights, laser, special effects and so much more.

Happily Ever After is the perfect storybook way to end the day.

Dad’s Happily Ever After page

Special Events During the Year

The Magic Kingdom has a some of magnificent Special Events during the year.

Halloween Happenings

A ghostly waltz during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom
The ghosts come out to dance at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party – photo by Judd Helms

While Christmas is special, Halloween is spooky (in a Disney way). At Halloween, there are special shows, parades as part of the celebration of the least scary time of the year.

Halloween at the Magic Kingdom means Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. It’s a special time where guests don the costumes and can even Trick or Treat all through the park.

The parade is led by the Headless Horseman and a group of fun zombies. Like the name says, it’s all Disney fun and not really scary at all.

Dad’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party page

The Magic of Christmas

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Parade
The Christmas Parade at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is just fun – photo by Brett Svenson

Christmas at Disney World is the best time of the year to visit. Dad loves Christmas at the Magic Kingdom. The park is all decorated, the Christmas shows are special, it’s just “the most wonderful time of the year”.

Disney knows how to throw a party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is one of the best parties you’ll ever attend. It snows on Main Street. There is a very special fireworks show hosted by Minnie Mouse. There is even hot chocolate and cookies and the best parade you’ll ever see.

The first few days in December, they tape the Christmas Day parade show right on Main Street. There are lots of celebrity entertainers and big names all around.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Dad’s Christmas at Disney World page


Looking down an empty Main Street at the Magic Kingdom
Oh for a day with no crowds – photo by Cliff Wang

Mickey Mouse’s house is the busiest theme park in Florida, for a great reason. It’s magic. Crowds during the year range from the not very busy January day to Christmas Day where they actually close the park to new guests.

Dad’s Guide to avoiding the crowds

Want to win a gift card? Check out Dad’s Nine by Noon Magic Kingdom Challenge. Can you complete 9 rides at the park by noon? Easy right? Good come on over and take the challenge.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad believes this is the best theme park in Florida, and for that fact, the whole world. Everyone should go to Disney World and see the house that Mickey Mouse built.

It’s magic. Trust me.

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