Liberty Square


Liberty Square is the Rodney Dangerfield of the lands in the Magic Kingdom. It’s the land that doesn’t get any respect.



Uncle Walt had a thing for patriotism. He loved America and loved showing it off. This is the most patriotic part of the Magic Kingdom, or all of Disney World.


Hall of Presidents

The presidents at the Hall of Presidents
Photo by Joe Penniston



There are only three attractions here, but they are blockbusters. Even the Riverboat is a great attraction that Dad suggests every man, woman and man/woman in training should try out.


Who doesn’t want to sit (no son, it’s not sleep) through the roll call at the Hall of Presidents. And everyone loves the ghosts at the Haunted Mansion, or at least you should.


(Read about Dad’s experience with the Haunted Mansion at Liberty Square.)


Dad’s favorite Magic Kingdom shop is in here. (Hint: Dad is a Christmas junkie.)


There is really good food here, can you say Liberty Tree Tavern. Hey, Fantasyland or Tomorrowland, got any good food over there?


While you walk around you get a feel of the founding of the country. From the Liberty Tree to the replica of the Liberty Bell, to Liberty Tree Tavern, (notice a theme there) there is a lot of American history hidden in this quaint little section of the Magic Kingdom.


Don’t miss it.


Trust me.


These attractions here are classic and timeless. They are big attractions. They draw big crowds (but they have big capacity).


Come on in and see what the fuss is about. The Hall of Presidents is an amazing presentation of all of the Presidents of the United States, including the current President, Donald Trump. This stirring 25 minute presentation is full of American history. The inside of this building is home to some great historical artifacts including a Secret Service guarded replica of the Seal of the President from the Oval Office.

Liberty Belle Riverboat

The Liberty Belle Riverboat
Photo by Brett Svenson


On The Liberty Belle Riverboat you get to ride a authentic replica of a turn-of-the-century paddle wheeler around the Rivers of America. Step back in time and what life was like on the mighty Mississippi. You can almost hear the cries of Mark Twain.

Haunted Mansion

the Haunted Mansion
Photo by WDW Shutterbug


In Disney’s Haunted Mansion you are invited to drag your carcass onto this Disneyfied look at a Haunted Mansion. Take a ride in a Doom Buggy and have a ghostly good time. Come in and join the “one thousand” Ghosts and Spirits that inhabit this not so scary place.


Some very interesting shops (is it shoppes, or shoppe’s or just shops? I don’t know) are here with some different merchandise than you see in the other parts of the Magic Kingdom.


Heritage House has gifts with an Colonial American slant. The Yankee Trader has cooking and serving accessories (great for us Emeril wannabe’s). Madame Leota’s Cart is one of the most unique shopping venues anywhere. Where else can you buy a head in a glass jar? In the Portrait Gallery you can have a hand drawn portrait made of you and your family. There really pretty good.

Dad’s Favorite – Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe

The entrance to Ye Olde Christamas Shoppe
Photo by Judd Helms


Dad’s favorite souvenir shop in all of Walt Disney World is Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe (see why Dad’s confused). Dad’s a real softie when it comes to Christmas. He can, and usually does spend several minutes in this treasure. (Hey for Dad one minute shopping is an eternity.)


Liberty Square has the best dining variety of all of the lands in the Magic Kingdom. This is the place to go to get a good meal that’s not the standard hamburger or hot dog.


Liberty Tree Tavern serves good old fashioned pioneer food. Turkey and Dressing is the centerpiece of a great looking menu.


Columbia Harbour House is a counter service restaurant featuring fish and chicken. A nice departure from the standard burger.


Sleepy Hollow has snacks of baked goods fruits and drinks.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

This land may be smallest, it may be unloved, it may be disrespected, but it is the home to some of the finest things that the Magic Kingdom has to offer.


Don’t just run through it on your way from Fantasyland to Frontierland.

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