Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café is rapidly becoming one of Dad’s favorite places to eat in the Magic Kingdom. What more could you want? Good food and an out-of-this-world show.

The Location

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe is located in Tomorrowland, or really on the border between Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. It’s right where the two come together by the Tea Cup ride and the Speedway.

What’s on the Menu at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café

I am a big fan of the Rotisserie Chicken at Cosmic Ray’s. It’s just yummy and the green beans, let me just say, when it comes to green veggies, I’m not a big fan, but the green beans are really good.

Ordering food here can be a little confusing. The menu is divided up into 3 “Bays”. When it first opened all 3 Bays had different menus. That’s not the case any more.

Bay 1 has Dad’s favorite, the Rotisserie Chicken. It also has Chicken Nuggets, a Chicken Sandwich with Bacon, and a Barbecued Pork Sandwich.

Bay 2 and 3 – have everything Bay 1 has except the Rotisserie Chicken and they add Cheeseburgers (one with pork and one with bacon), a Veggie Burger a Hot Dog and a Greek Salad with Chicken.

The sides and desserts are the same at all the bays.

Sides are French Fries, Green Beans and Cheese Dip. Desserts include a Triple Chocolate Cake, S’mores and Dannon Greek Yogurt.

The typical beverages are available along with a Strawberry Lemonade Slushy and All-Natural Lemonade from Odawalla.

The Show

What separates Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe from the other quick-service restaurants around Disney World is the entertainment. It really is out of this world.

For decades, Sonny Eclipse has be enthralling audiences with his Astro Organ (which he purchased at a pawn shop) and his invisible back up singers the Space Angels.

Sonny’s 25 minute act includes 8 tunes with titles like Hello, Space Angels, Gravity Blues and Starlight Soup and Salad.

The loop goes on all day and night.

Sonny really makes things fun. Try to grab a table in the dining room and enjoy the show.

Reservations and the Disney Dining Plan

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe is a quick-service restaurant, which means no reservations are required to grab a meal here. However, if you purchase the Disney Dining Plan, you can use a quick-service credit from the plan.

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