How to Find Cheap Flights to Orlando

Cheap flights to Orlando, or cheap Orlando flights, it’s what we’re all looking for. Dad has found the secret, and it’s really, really easy. You just need to follow Dad’s 2 easy steps, and before you know it you’ll be on a cheap Orlando flight. Dad can’t really guarantee you a cheap flight, but if […]

Orlando Florida Car Rental

So you’ve decided that you need an Orlando Florida car rental. Good decision. We always rent, or drive, a car in Orlando. It gives us a sense of freedom, and frees us from the uncertanity of Disney transportation. Yes, I know, Disney will greedily snatch you up at the airport in one of thier “Luxury […]

Do You Need a Car at Disney World?

Do You Need a Car at Walt Disney World? car at Test Track, outdoors with wind

Dad likes having a Car at Disney World. But Dad is not always normal. (Not always?) With that in mind, let’s look at the age old question, do you need to have a car on your WDW Vacation in order to have a Magical trip? OK, I’m going to admit something I never thought I’d […]

Driving to Orlando for Your Disney Trip

Dad wants to make your drive to Orlando a peaceful easy feeling… (sing it Glenn) An easy journey down life’s highway… A ride to remember (in a good way)… So let’s get your motor running, head out on the highway, looking for adventure, or whatever comes our way… (Yeah, I know, enough with the song […]

Disney’s Magical Express

Disney Magical Express, bus service for Walt Disney World

Note: Disney’s Magical Express ceased operations in 2022. In 2005, Disney’s Magical Express (DME) service began operations. You might be asking, what’s Disney’s Magical Express? Good question. DME is the bus (sorry, that’s Luxury Coach) service that takes Disney World resort guests. and their luggage, from the airport to their Disney Resort and back to […]

Disney World Monorail

The Disney World Monorail is a transportation marvel. Uncle Walt really has outdone himself. Please stand clear of the doors … Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas … The best thing about the monorail is that it’s free. It’s part of Disney’s complimentary transportation system. When Disney first put the monorail in Disneyland it […]

Disney World Transportation

Walt Disney World transportation, monorail passing by Magic Kingdom

Planes, trains and automobiles. Disney World transportation is even better. It’s monorails, yachts, and luxury escorted motorcoaches. At Disney World you can see just about any form of transportation ever built. From old time paddlewheelers all the way to the latest state-of-the-art in monorail technology. And boats, wow does Disney have boats. Don’t want to […]