Walt Disney World Discount Hotels

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There are four and soon to be five Walt Disney World Discount Hotels. (Discount being a relative term what it comes to Disney.) These are the cheapest hotels at Walt Disney World, but they come with some really nice perks.



Of course we’re talking about the Value Resorts. These are the cheapest, but also some of the most interesting hotels at Disney World.

The Pop Century is one of the best of the Walt Disney World Discount HotelsPhoto by Express Monorail

Disney World Value Resorts

Disney calls these hotels Value Resorts. These are the first truly affordable accommodations for the general public. The rooms at these hotels are 260 square feet and have either 2 full size beds or 1 king size bed. The Family Suites are 2 rooms put together and can sleep up to 6.


A room at one of the Walt Disney World Discount Hotels starts at $85.00 per night (in 2012). That sounds like a lot of money, but you do get a lot of “freebies” or “perks”. (See the list below.)

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The Resorts

Currently there are four Walt Disney World Discount Hotels. Three are grouped together and are very similar in look and amenities. These are called the All Star Resorts. The three have distinct themes. One is Disney Movies, on is Sports and one is Music. The other resort is the Pop Century which looks at the Decades from 1950 to the 1990’s.


All the Resorts are decorated with 60 foot tall icons matching the theme of the resort. For example in the All Star Sports Resort you walk through 60 foot tall football helmets. The decorations are just really neat.

The Pop Century

Disney  Pop Century Hotel

Dad likes the Pop Century a lot. Uncle Walt would be proud of the colors and themeing of this very unique Resort. This value priced Disney Hotel makes staying in a Walt Disney World Resort affordable to almost everyone.


The Pop Century is truly a unique Resort and is Dad’s favorite non-Deluxe hotel. Disney or not. It’s a great value. Check it out.

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Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Disney Hotels Art of Animation

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort adds a whole new look to the Value Resort lineup. Located next to the Pop Century, this hotel celebrates art from some of the newer Disney animated movies.


Rooms are decorated with art pieces from the movie corresponding with the section. The “movies” are The Little Mermaid, Cars, The Lion King, and Finding Nemo.

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The All Star Movies

The All Star Movies Resort is one of the cheap Disney World hotels

Disney All Star Movies Resort is all about Disney’s classic movies. Each section of the resort is from a different movie.


There is the Fantasia Section with dancing broomsticks, the Toy Story section with all the characters from Toy Story. In the Herbie the Love Bug section Herbie is all over the place. The Mighty Ducks and 101 Dalmatians round out the other two sections.

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The All Star Music

The All Star Music Resort is one of the cheap Disney World hotels

The All Star Music Resort celebrates music of all styles. Each of the 5 sections of the hotels highlights a different genre of music. There is a Country Music section, a Jazz section, a Broadway Musicals section, a Calypso section and of course a Rock and Roll section.


The All Star Music Resort is the original home of the Family Suite rooms.

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The All Star Sport

Disney Hotels include the All Star Sports Resort

For kids that love sports this place is paradise. Each part of this hotel is devoted to a different. There is a football section, a baseball section, a tennis section, a basketball section and a soccer section.


You just never know when a football game is going to break out on the almost full sized (concrete) football field.

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For more information about all the Disney Hotels, see …

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The Perks

All Disney Hotel guests are entitled to some benefits for staying at one of the resorts. These “perks” must be considered when comparing the Walt Disney World Discount Hotels with Hotels outside Disney World. Here they are …

Magical Express

Every discussion of “perks” or benefits of staying at a Disney Hotel must start with the benefit that will save the most money. It’s called Disney’s Magical Express. Disney will now pick you up at the airport, shuttle you around during your stay and then take you back to the airport and not charge you a dime. It’s all included in the price of your room. (If you stay at a Disney Hotel.)

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Disney Dining Plan

Only guests staying in a Disney Hotel can get the Disney Dining Plan. The Plan can save you up to 40% off the price of meals during your Disney World Vacation. This is a real big perk especially when you can get it for free.

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Free Transportation

Disney Transportation is a big part of the whole show. The Disney World Monorail, the big navy that moves thousands, the Luxury Escorted Motor Coaches (bus) these are all ways that Disney moves guests from hotels to parks, from parks to parks and just all around Walt Disney World.


Yes, your offsite hotel might have a shuttle that gets you to the park, but they won’t do as good a job as Disney.

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There are other perks like, 24 hour immersion in the “Magic”, guaranteed entry into the parks, wake up calls by Mickey and friends and lots more. These perks are a great reason to stay in one of the Walt Disney World Discount Hotels.

How to get a Discount

It’s easy (and hard) to get a Discount on the Walt Disney World Discount Hotels. (That sound crazy I know, but let me explain.) There are 22 different price “seasons” for 2012 at the Value Resorts and 2 different prices each week. So the first thing is to know when to go to get a Discount.


Going on the weekdays will save you at least $20.00 per night. Disney adds $20.00 or more to every Friday and Saturday night stay. If you go during the “slow” times you could save hundreds of dollars. The same room on January 1 that costs $164.00 will cost $84.00 on January 2. Knowing when the cheaper days is important in getting Discounts.


I suggest you have Dad’s friends at Destinations to Travel take a look for you to see when are the best dates to get the best Discounts.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad loves the Pop Century Resort. It’s one of Dad’s favorite Disney World Hotels. These Walt Disney World Discount Hotels will save you a bundle of money over the rest of the Disney Hotels and you’ll get to stay right in the heart of the action. Check them out.