Walt Disney World Value Resorts

In 1994, the first of the Walt Disney World Value Resorts opened. The All-Star Sports Resort became Disney’s first true low-priced, family hotel. Adding these Resorts made staying at a Disney hotel within reach of almost everyone.

The All-Star Resorts are both beautiful and exciting. Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is innovative and downright fun. And the Pop Century is the COOLEST hotel on the planet.

Disney World Value Resorts

There are 5 Walt Disney World Value Resorts. They are:

The All-Star Resorts are basically identical except for the themeing. The Pop Century was built years after the All Stars and is basically the same but there are a few enhancements.

Interesting Facts About the Value Resorts

Here are some interesting things to know about the Disney World Value Resorts.

How many people can they hold?

Each of the All Star Resorts has around 1,900 rooms and the Pop Century has over 2,800 rooms. Let’s do the math, 1,800 rooms times 3 resorts plus 2,800 rooms multiply that times 3 guests per room (average) equals… a whole bunch of folks.

How many people can stay in a room?

Disney rules (and Florida law) allow 4 people to a room, plus an infant, under 3, that can sleep in a crib. Disney charges $10.00 extra, per night for each adult above 2. (That’s more than 2 adults, not adults above 2 years old.) Some of the rooms have a king sized bed and will only accommodate 2 guests.

How big are the icons?

Each of the buildings has a giant icon associated with it. In the 80’s section of the Pop Century there are giant bowling pins. They are 65 feet tall. Most icons are at least 40 feet tall.

About the Value Resort Rooms

All of the Disney World Value Resorts have both Standard and Preferred rooms. The only difference between Standard and Preferred rooms is the location of the room. Preferred rooms are closer to the main building.

The rooms are 260 sq. ft. and are normal hotel rooms. Rooms come with one King or two Full size beds (2 queen beds in the refurbished rooms), a TV, telephone and more. All rooms are open to the outside, there are no enclosed halls. Rooms are decorated in the style and color of the building. Colors are bright and loud.

Resort Transportation

Disney Transportation does a wonderful job of moving millions of people around the park every year. However, transportation at the Disney Value Resorts can be frustrating. The Transportation mode for Value Resorts is by bus. The All-Star Resorts share a common bus system except during rush hours. The Pop Century has dedicated buses.

Because of the buses and the frustrations Dad recommends you have your car with you.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad’s bottom line on Disney’s Value Resorts is they are a great place to vacation if saving money is important. If you have a larger family (more than 4), two rooms or a Family Suite might be your best option.