Yak & Yeti Restaurant

Yak & Yeti is two restaurants in one. Yep, this restaurant is both an indoor, sit-down, full-service, eat-with-silverware restaurant, and a order-out, sit-outside in the hot sun, eat-with-plastic, out-of-boxes, fast-food, quick-service restaurant.

What to Expect

The sit-down side of Yak & Yeti is wonderfully themed with artwork from the area. Large statues, lighting, and wall decorations are everywhere. The inside restaurant is open from 11:00 am until the park closes.

Yak & Yeti Menu
The menu at Yak & Yeti is considered pan-Asian dining. Photo by Cliff Wang

For those looking for a quick meal, the takeout, or counter-service side of Yak and Yeti is available. You order boxed Chinese food and eat it wherever you can find to sit. There are some tables on the right side of the restaurant (as you face the ordering stands).


Yak & Yeti is located in the Asia area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If you can find Expedition Everest, you can find this restaurant–just don’t ride it right after eating!


Breakfast is served at the quick-service side of Yak & Yeti. These items don’t stick to the pan-Asian theme but will provide some energy as you trek around Asia. Check out the breakfast menu!


The lunch menu for Yak & Yeti can be found here, but it appears quite similar to the dinner menu. For the quick service restaurant, there is a combined lunch and dinner menu and you can view it here.


Here is the menu for dinner, hungry yet?

Advance Dining Reservations

Like pretty much any restaurant at Walt Disney World, you will want to make an Advance Dining Reservation to make sure you get a table! If you can’t get an ADR or you prefer to be more spontaneous on your trip, consider Landry’s Select Club. There are many perks to this club, such as earning points and rewards, but one is priority seating. Show your card and they’ll do their best to seat you without an ADR. Yes. Talk about Simple, Fun, and Magic. That’s VIP treatment! Find out information about Landry’s Select Club by clicking here.

The Disney Dining Plan

The Yak & Yeti table service restaurant requires one table service credit on the Disney Dining Plan. The quick service option requires one, you guessed it, quick service credit!

Extra Fun

There are Yak and Yeti Restaurants all over the world. There’s one in Anchorage, two in Colorado, and a hotel in Katmandu Nepal (don’t you just love that name, Kat-man-du).

Dad’s Bottom Line

While the table service restaurant is the shining star here (Dad really, really liked it!) the quick service location is a pleasant alternative to burgers and fries. Click here for Dad’s Review of Yak and Yeti