Disney World Advance Dining Reservations

How do you make Advance Dining Reservations for your Walt Disney World vacation? A simple request, right? Sure, it’s simple, or is it? Yes, it is simple. You spend a couple of months choosing restaurants, you make a complete calendar of your trip and pencil in your restaurant choices, and you call or go on the Disney website and hope your times and dates are available. Simple. (Yeah right.)

First, I think it’s important to know what Advance Dining Reservations are, who needs to make them when they can be made, and how they are made. Ready? Let’s get started.

Disney Dining Reservations Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Advance Dining Reservation or as most people call them, and “ADR.” ADRs are reservations for Walt Disney World’s Table Service Restaurants. Just like a restaurant around your town, you can make reservations for all the Table Service Restaurants around Disney World.

Who Needs Advance Dining Reservations?

If you want to eat at a Table Service Restaurant Disney recommends you make an ADR. Is this really true? Maybe. There are a few Disney Table Service Restaurants where you can pretty much walk in and get a table just about any time. Very few. There are a lot of Disney World Restaurants that you will have to have an Advance Dining Reservation even during the slow times of the year.

If you want to go to any of the Character Meals, any of the Dinner Shows, any of the Dining Events you will want to make sure to get your reservation as early as possible.

When Can You Make an ADR?

Advance Dining Reservations can be made for most of the restaurants/events 180 days prior to your arrival date. If you use Disney’s website to keep track of your reservations (and you should) it will tell you the date you can make your ADR’s.

What’s this about 10 extra days or something? If you are staying at a Disney Resort (and you should be), on day 180 prior to your arrival, you can make ADR’s for that day and the next 10 days. So you get a head start on the pack just for having reservations at a Disney hotel.

How to Make a Disney Dining Reservation

Making your reservations is a piece of cake. It’s so easy, Dad’s set up a separate page with the simple 1,000 step instructions (just kidding). It really is easy. Check it out.

Disney World Dining

Advance Dining Reservations are just a small part of Disney World Dining (get more Disney World Dining information from my buddies). There is everything from restaurants to dining plans. You’ll want to check it all out.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Advance Dining Reservations are an integral (like that word?) part of a Perfect Walt Disney World Vacation. Planning them is fun. They are necessary at a lot of the Table Service Restaurants and highly recommended (that means necessary) even during the slowest times of the year.