World Premiere Food Court at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

World Premiere Food Court is in Cinema Hall at Disney All-Star Movies Resort. It’s a food court that operates for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Several food stations operate for all three meals. Everyone can pick what they want.

Breakfast includes everything from pastries to omelets. Breakfast is surprisingly good. You can also get small items such as chips, cookies, breakfast bars, fruit and such along with bottled and canned drinks.

Breakfast Menu

Grabbing breakfast at World Premiere is a great way to start a wild day at one of the theme parks. There are several areas where you can “grab” your meal from one of the stations and take it to a table or back to your room.

There are 4 food stations. They are:

  • Roxy Shop: Serves breakfast sandwiches and pancakes
  • Majestic Shop: Serves breakfast flatbreads and bowls
  • Lyric Shop: Serves Bounty Platter and waffles
  • Grand Shop: Grab-and-go items including drinks, pastries, and premade offerings

Breakfast is served from 6:30 AM to 11 AM. See the full World Premiere breakfast menu on the Disney website

Lunch and Dinner Menu

The food court Lunch and Dinner share the same menu.

Here are the entrees by section:

  • Majestic Shop: Serves Pizza and Italian sandwiches
  • Lyric Shop: Serves sandwiches
  • Roxy Shop: Serves burgers and such
  • Rialto Shop: Serves ice cream, shakes, cupcakes, and more sweets

See the full lunch and dinner menu from the Disney website

Drink Station

There is a central drink island available in World Premiere. The island has an area where you can wash your refillable mug out, (Disney’s so thoughtful) dispensers for soft drinks, hot chocolate, (sometimes) milk, fruit juices, and coffee.

Refillable Mugs – All the Disney World resorts have refillable mugs you can buy for your stay. If you are on the Disney Dining Plan you get a mug included.

Money Saving Tip – Get your refillable mugs as soon as possible. If you drink any non-alcoholic drink other than water, and you are staying longer than 2 days, the refillable mugs will save you money.

Room Service

In-room pizza delivery is available from 5 PM till 1 AM. Pizza, salad, wings, sandwiches, desserts, and drinks are available.


Disney Restaurant odds and ends

This restaurant is considered a Quick Service restaurant for the Disney Dining Plan.

All Disney Restaurants are non-smoking.

Dad’s Bottom Line

World Premiere Food Court is very convenient. Everyone can select what they want from one of the stations and then you can get the family back together before you pay. Seating is limited, so come early.