Future World in EPCOT

Want to see how your dreams will come true in the future? Go to Future World in EPCOT. You can even see what’s gonna happen tomorrow and how it has come about. There are some of the best rides at Walt Disney World in this part of EPCOT. Mission Space may be the most technologically advanced attraction anywhere. The new technology in Turtle Talk is nothing short of amazing.

Let’s get started on our Perfect Vacation in EPCOT’s

Future World

Future World is full of great attractions. EPCOT is going through a major overhaul that will dramatically change the way Future World looks. We will have to wait and see what the future holds for Future World.

The Seas, with Nemo and Friends

The Seas is a fascinating look at what is happening in the two-thirds of our planet that we take for granted. See divers going into the world largest aquarium and hundreds of fish doing what it is that fish do.


  • Sea Base Alpha
  • Turtle Talk – Starring Crush
  • Mr. Ray’s Lagoon
  • Bruce’s Sub House
  • The Manatee Exhibit

Since this pavilion changed from the Living Seas, to The Seas with Nemo and Friends crowds have certainly gotten bigger. Turtle Talk is really neat.

The Land

The Land pavilion may be the place in EPCOT where you will spend the most time (standing in line). The Land shows the best that our planet has to offer and talks about how we get our food and how we should take care of what nature has given us.


The Land lost one of Dad’s favorite attractions when Soarin’ was built. Soarin’ is great, but I still miss Food Rocks. (Dad’s Ode to Food Rocks)


This pavilion is due for a major overhaul. Nothing has been announced, but it’s just a matter of time.


With all of the changes happening with the redesign of Future World, it would not be surprising to see Imagination! totally change.

Mission: SPACE

Take a ride to Mars. This ride is the total package. A centrifuge creates up to 4 g’s of pressure. It’s very intense and not for the faint of heart.


This may be the most intense rides anywhere. The Green Line is Perfect for those of us who suffer from any kind of motion problems. (Dad now goes in the Green Line.)

Test Track

GM shows how cars are tested through the fire, ice, shaking, braking, and more. Take a ride; almost everyone comes back.


Spaceship Earth

The big silver ball in the middle of the entrance. See how our communications has changed through the years.


Spaceship Earth is one of the busiest rides at EPCOT. Why? Because everyone has to walk right by it.

EPCOT Future World Dining

Most of the dining in EPCOT is across the lagoon over in the World Showcase, but there are a few places where hou can get a bite or a full meal.

Future World has some of the most interesting Table Service restaurants in all of Walt Disney World. There is the Coral Reef Restaurant in The Seas with Nemo and Friends where you can sit and watch the fish in the big tank swim by. You can also get a preview of the Living with the Land ride at the Garden Grill Restaurant which is a Character meal starring Chip and Dale.

For a quick bite check out Sunshine Seasons Food Court in the Land pavilion.

Future World Entertainment

Some of the best entertainment at Disney World happens in EPCOT and a lot of it goes on in Future World. Here’s a list of what you can see in Future World.

  • JAMMitors
  • Innoventions Fountain Show

There may only be two of them, but they are not to be missed. The fountains are amazing and you’ll hear the JAMMitors before you see them.

Dad’s Bottom Line

EPCOT is a special theme park and Future World is a big part of that. You can see the technology we could only dream about a few years ago and see how it will impact your life in the very near future.