The Disney World Monorail

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The Disney World Monorail is a transportation marvel. Uncle Walt really has outdone himself. Please stand clear of the doors … Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas …



Dad, what’s the best thing about the monorail?

The best thing about the monorail is that it’s free. It’s part of Disney’s complimentary transportation system. When Disney first put the monorail in Disneyland it was part of the show and was an E-ticket ride.

The Disney World Monorail

Refections of Space Mountain off of the Disney World MonorailPhoto by WDWOW


The Disney World monorail really is a unique way to transport guests. The monorail at Disneyland was mainly for show, but the monorail system in Disney World is an integral part of Disney’s transportation system. On an average day the Disney World Monorail system will transport over 150,000 guests to and from the parks.


Disney World’s Mark VI monorail system is a train mounted in the air. The trains are powered by electric engines the have 8 600 volt DC motors rated at 112 HP each. Trains are capable of reaching 70+ MPH but are restricted, for safety reasons to 45 MPH. Each train consists of 6 cars. Each car can hold about 30 people comfortably, but is rated for a maximum of 60 (ouch).


Each of the 12 Disney monorails has a different color. There have even web sites dedicated to a specific color train.


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Monorail and Imagination

Monorail Gold in EPCOTPhoto by Mike Billick

The Magic Kingdom Loop

There are 2 monorail tracks that run from the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) to the Magic Kingdom, the Resort track and the Express track. They go the same places but in opposite directions.

At the Contemporary

The monorail gliding into the ContemporaryPhoto by Disney Photo Snapper

The Resort Loop

The Resort Loop goes from the Transportation and Ticket Center back to the Transportation and Ticket Center. It stops at the monorail hotels along the way. Here’s the order of stops:

With stops it takes about 30 minutes to complete the loop.

Celebrating with the Flowers

A Disney World Monorail driving by Test TrackPhoto by Matthew Cooper

The Express Loop

The Express loop goes non-stop from the Transportation and Ticket Center to the Magic Kingdom. It goes by or through the hotels, but doesn’t stop. A non-stop (sometimes the trains have to stop for traffic) trip from the Transportation and Ticket Center to the Magic Kingdom takes about 8 minutes.

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The EPCOT Loop

The EPCOT Loop of the monorail runs from the Transportation and Ticket Center to EPCOT. You can see the track and even a monorail when you are driving to the Magic Kingdom parking lot, or as you park in EPCOT, the track goes overhead right to the entrance.


Where the Magic Kingdom loop stays outside the Magic Kingdom, the EPCOT track goes right through the park. It loops through the Future World portion of EPCOT coming to a stop above the main entrance to the park.


You can get a view of all of the future world pavilions as you arrive at EPCOT on the Disney monorail.

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The Future

Rumors have been rampant for years about expanding the monorail. In fact, Disney has been making plans to tie into the high speed-rail system proposed between the airport and Tampa. (Dad’s story about Disney World monorail expansion.) Unfortunately, the high-speed rail project has been shelved.


Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

When Walt installed the monorail at Disneyland he was way ahead of his time. The system is a wonderful addition to the transportation infrastructure that helps Disney World make magic and memories for your vacation.


The Disney World monorail is not to be missed.