The Mad Tea Party

Hop in a GIANT Tea Cup and go for a spin, and spin (see warning below). The Mad Tea Party “will have you dizzy with laughter“. This is the wording taken directly from the Disney website. (Yeah, you’ll be dizzy with something, but for Dad and many like him it’s not laughter.) The Mad Tea Party is a quaint little carnival ride that has flourished under Uncle Walt’s Magical Touch for over 50 years. Incredible.


There is no pre-show or special waiting area for the Mad Tea Party. You just line up around the outside of the ride. No pushing, please. Most of the waiting area is covered. Only when the lines are very long do you have to wait without a cover.

It’s a bit interesting that this attraction didn’t get swallowed up in the whole new Fantasyland expansion, but it didn’t.

The Attraction

This is a very short ride, one of the shortest in the Magic Kingdom. Three guests can fit comfortable in the teacup. There aren’t any seatbelts or restraints, but the door does close when the ride starts.

You can control the rate of spin of the Tea Cup. There is a wheel in the middle that you turn to make the Tea Cup spin. The faster you turn it, the faster you spin. (See Dad’s experience with a spinning Mad Tea Party.) As you are spinning around Dormouse pops up an down out of the teapot in the center of the ride.

The Crowd Factor

The Mad Tea Party is a slow-loading, short ride that attracts long lines for most of the day. If you have small children, or just silly teenagers who want to make Dad sick, Dad suggests you make this one of your first stops during the day.


This ride is based on the Mad Hatters and the March Hare’s Unbirthday Tea Party from the movie Alice in Wonderland. The first version was introduced at Disneyland when the park opened. This ride opened with the Magic Kingdom in October of 1971.

Fun Facts

  • Alice in Wonderland was released in 1951
  • There are three turntables that each hold 6 tea cups.
  • During the Day, the Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum will be seen riding with lucky guests.

Dad’s Ride Information Table

The Mad Tea Party

Description: Ride a spinning tea cups
Height Requirement – none Fastpass:no Length of Ride: 1 minute (of shear terror)
Type of ride: Carnival type spinning ride

Dad’s Ratings

3 4 3 -5
Other Information: If you are subject to motion sickness – run away.

Need to Know Information

  • Warning: This ride goes round and round (and round and round and round). Many guests (like Dad) complain of motion sickness after riding this ride. People taking video or pictures feel more pronounced effects. I warned you.
  • The Mad Tea Party is open during Extra Magic Hours.
  • Handicapped individuals must be able to board the ride. Wheelchairs are not allowed.
  • This version is covered and can operate in the rain. (A good time to go. Lines are usually short.)

Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad’s not really objective about the Mad Tea Party. He had a bad experience when he was just a lad and will never ride again. The family loves it. If you like to spin, this is the ride for you. If you’re like Dad and spinning bothers you, volunteer to go grab Cokes or something.