The Worst Time to Visit Disney World

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Dad has talked a lot about the best time to go to WDW, so how about the other end? What is the worst time to visit Disney World? Don’t you want to know?


The worst time to visit Disney World is when the bathroom line is out of controlThe worst time to visit WDW is when the bathroom line… Photo by Laurie Sapp


When I get asked when is the best time to visit WDW, I always answer, “anytime you can”. I believe that. It’s always a good time to go to Walt Disney World. But…

There are some weeks that are, quite frankly, not as desirable. Let’s look and see if we can avoid those.


Let’s take a look at the worst time to visit Disney World in order…

Presidents Day Week

The Hall of Presidents is a good place to get away from the crowds on Presidents DayThe Hall of Presidents is the place to celebrate Presidents Day – Photo by Andy Sanchez


The first “worst time to visit Disney World” is Presidents Day week. February is a nice quiet month then boom Presidents day hits and people come out of the woodwork.


Until 2017, when the Festival of the Arts started, there wasn’t any cool event during the week to help take your mind off the crowds.


At least there’s that.

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Spring Break

Crazy crowds on the bridge to TomorrowlandSpring break brings crazy crowds – Photo by Cliff Wang


If its Spring Break it must be time to head for the beach, right? That’s the American way. Or is it?


A whole lot of people have decided that Spring Break is the time to head to Walt Disney World.


From early March through Easter Tuesday, Walt Disney World turns into a Spring Break mecca for lots of families. There’s not as much of the wild and crazy stuff that goes on at the beaches, but a whole lot of folks go to Walt Disney World for Spring break.

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August is Hot, Hot, Hot!

August is one of the worst times to visit Disney World even with empty busesYou can see empty buses in August, but it’s Hot, Hot, Hot! – Photo by Judd Helms


Summer crowds at Walt Disney World have undergone a major change over the last few months. The new pricing structure has moved the big crowds out of the summer to where crowds are pretty much not a factor when it comes to summer at Walt Disney World.


But, it’s still hot, hot, hot…



The most miserable trip we ever took to Walt Disney World was in August. It just seemed like the sun was hotter, the pavement was hotter, it must have been a bazillion degrees every day.


Yes, in August crowds get smaller because it’s time to think about going back to school, but I just can’t get that August trip out of my mind. It was HOT! HOT! HOT! (And not in a good Goofy way.)

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October means crowds and Halloween on Main StreetOctober means big crowds but cool Halloween decorations – Photo by Laurie Sapp


October? Yes October.

October has gone from being one of the best months to visit WDW to one of the worst times to visit Disney World. It’s just crazy.


October has become one of the busiest months of the year. It’s up there with a summer month in terms of crowds.


The Food and Wine Festival and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party bring a lot of people out to the parks.

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The Craziest Week of the Year

The worst time to visit Disney World is the week of Christmas, CRAZY CROWDS!The crowds Christmas Week are CRAZY!!!!! – Photo by Cliff Wang


There is one week of the year that is the worst time to visit Disney World. The worst. You might want to try to avoid this week at all costs. It is by far the craziest week of the whole year at WDW. CRAZY!!!!!


Believe it or not I’m talking about the week of Christmas. Yes, the week of Christmas.


The biggest crowds of the year start on Christmas Day and run through New Years Day. I’m talking close the park big crowds.


On Christmas Day the Magic Kingdom will typically close to new guests as early as 10 am because the park is full and parks close to new guests throughout the week.


It can take 2 hours to get a hot dog during Christmas week the crowds are so big.


Christmas week is definitely the worst week to visit WDW.

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How to Survive


But Dad, but Dad…



Yes, Pigment?


What if I’ve already booked one of these “worst times”? What if I can’t change? The kids are in school. It’s the only time I can get vacation.


How am I supposed to survive?


That’s a good question Pigment. I know it happens. Let’s see if Dad can help you survive the worst time to visit Disney World.


There are some basic things you can do when crowds are crazy. In fact, they are part of Dad’s top 10 Tips to avoid Disney World crowds.


Dad's top 10 tips to avoid Walt Disney World Crowds chart


Want to know more? Check out…

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Best Time to Visit Disney World

The best time to visit Walt Disney World is when there aren't any crowds on Main StreetThe Best Time to Visit (yes, I know, its not open yet) – Photo by Judd Helms


On the other end of the scale there are some “best” times to visit Walt Disney World.


Since we’re talking about the worst, we probably should talk about the best. So…

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Help I Need Somebody…

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Dad’s Bottom Line

I hope this helps you pick the perfect time to visit Walt Disney World. Yes some times are better than others. It just makes sense to try to avoid the worst time to visit Disney World if you can.