Woody’s Lunch Box

Fuel up for your Toy Story Land adventures as an “Honorary Toy” at this Quick Service Spot serving up breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks from Andy’s lunch leftovers.

This restaurant is sponsored by Babybel, the official snack cheese of the Walt Disney World resort. There are some fun touches like larger-than-life Babybel props, sacks of Mini Babybel on the snack menu, and even a table that looks like the toys repurposed some Babybels to from a shady place to sit. It’s well done.

What to Expect

When you enter Toy Story Land, follow the path and Woody’s Lunch Box will be on the left. Look out for an old Woody’s Roundup lunchbox turned on its side. Mosey on up to the “Tupperware” windows, and place your order – then find a place to sit – like on a nearby Popsicle stick bench or even at a table made from a note that Andy’s mom tucked in his lunch.

woody's lunch box
Yummy “Totchos” and a raspberry lunch box tart – Photo by Laurie Sapp

The one downside of Woody’s Lunchbox is that there’s not a lot of seating, and what there is… is outside! It’s a hot place to enjoy your meal, but they do have lots of cool beverages on the menu, including floats.


Woody’s Lunch Box is located in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Meals here feature an interesting variety of sandwiches, potato barrel (tater tot) bowls, and sweet treats, along with souvenir sippers. See the most up-to-date menu from Disney here.

Advance Dining Reservations

Woody’s Lunchbox is a Quick Service location – no Advance Dining Reservation is needed.

The Disney Dining Plan

Woody’s Lunch Box accepts Quick Service credits or Snack credits (for beverages and desserts) on the Disney Dining Plan.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Woody’s Lunch Box is your go-to spot for grub in Toy Story Land. The food is pretty good – especially that grilled cheese!