The Best Day of the Week to visit Magic Kingdom

Let’s talk about the best day of the week to visit the Magic Kingdom.

Cinderella Castle
Photo by Marisa Alvarado | Instagram: @behindtheearswdw

Super Crowded Saturdays

From a crowds perspective, it’s safe to say Saturday is probably not the best day of the week to visit the Magic Kingdom. In fact, it’s usually the busiest day. Locals visit more frequently, and guests coming from outside Orlando don’t usually head back home on Saturdays.

Fridays Are Crowded – But Not Always

Friday is not as busy as Saturday, typically, but it can still have a lot of traffic. However, on Fridays when there’s a Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party or a Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, those are not busy days. Any time there’s a separately ticketed party, it’s a really good day to visit the Magic Kingdom. But, that only happens from August through December, so throughout the rest of the year, Friday is not usually a great choice either.

Sundays Aren’t Bad

Coming in third place for most crowded day of the week at the Magic Kingdom is Sunday. Sundays aren’t bad – in fact, Sunday mornings can be really nice and rather calm. Sunday is a pretty popular travel day for departing guests, but still, Sunday afternoons can get pretty crowded.

Monday’s at Middle of the Pack

Nowadays, Mondays are even more crowded than they used to be.  It’s still a popular arrival day for guests, but that still doesn’t bring in enough crowds to justify it being more crowded than the aforementioned weekend days.

Thursday Gets Better

Mondays and Thursdays are rather similar as Thursday’s another very common guest arrival day.  But, we still think Thursdays are a bit slower (not that it’s traditionally a slow day at all) than Monday.

Wednesday is switch day

Wednesdays are good days to go to the Magic Kingdom.  Without extra crowds there to make a long weekend trip – extended with a Monday or Thursday – Wednesdays have lighter crowds.

Tuesday’s the Winner

Tuesday (typically—not always—but typically) is the best day of the week to visit the Magic Kingdom. If I only had 1 day to visit the Magic Kingdom on a trip, I’d aim for that day to be a Tuesday every time!

Being honest, no day is a bad day to visit the Magic Kingdom.  I wish I could be there every day of every week!  But, from a planning perspective, Wednesday comes in second place, and Tuesday comes in first as the best day(s) of the week to visit the world’s most visited theme park.