Pinocchio Village Haus

The Pinocchio Village Haus has one of the most unique views of all the Disney restaurants. It sits right next to It’s a Small World and has an tables that overlook the loading area of the ride.

Lodged deep in the back of Fantasyland, this Magic Kingdom gem has a menu that doesn’t match the decor. The sign, the decor they all scream “I’m a nice sit down great German food restaurant”. Unfortunately, the menu screams Disney pizza.


Pinocchio Village Haus is tucked away in the back of Fantasyland right next door to “it’s a small world”. In fact there ars some tables where you can sit and watch the ride load without having to hear that annoying song.


The restaurant opens daily at 10:30. Closing time changes depending on the Magic Kingdom’s hours.


The menu is the same for both Lunch and Dinner and the prices are the same. (That’s a good thing.)


Pizzas come in individual sizes. Meals that include a drink and a tossed salad are available. There are three types, Vegetable, Cheese and Pepperoni. An individual serving costs between $6.00 and $6.50. The meal costs between $8.00 and $8.50. Six and eight-piece Chicken Nugget meals are available with fries or apple slices for $7.00 for 6 or $8.00 for 8.

A Chicken Caesar or Mediterranean Salad is available for $7.25.

Side Orders

Side orders include French Fries, Figaro Fries (which include bacon and cheese), or a Mixed Green Salad. Side orders cost between $2.50 and $3.69. Desserts include Chocolate Cake and Strawberry Cheesecake or Strawberry yogurt.

Children’s Menu

All meals include choice of 2 side items: carrot sticks, grapes or applesauce and a choice of 1% Mickey Milk, small bottled water, or apple juice.

Meal Choices

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Cheese Pizza

Chocolate Chip Cookie, French Fries or Soft Drink substituted upon request

Dad’s Bottom Line

What is there to say? It’s standard Disney World fast food. The pizzas are pretty good.