Main Street Bakery

As you walk down Main Street, U.S.A., toward Cinderella Castle, enjoying that turn-of-the-century feeling of hopefulness and wholesomeness, you’re bound to encounter the delightful wafting scent of home-baked cookies, cakes, and other treats.  Look to your right – you’re probably standing right in front of the big window with the wonderful smells coming through the door.

What? Starbucks? When did that happen? So much for turn-of-the-century feeling of hopefulness and wholesomeness. The Main Street Bakery has come into the 21st century. It’s now a Starbucks.

Main Street Bakery

The Main Street Bakery still fits perfectly into the turn-of-the-century theme with carved wood counters topped with marble, lovely gold lighting fixtures and accents, and displays of dishes and teapots in glass cupboards.  There are only a few tables – snag one if you’re an early bird or just plain lucky, or take your snack to go and enjoy the view from Main Street!

Hours and Location

The Bakery is open for the duration of the park hours, making it a great place to refuel with a cup o’ joe on those late nights a the Magic Kingdom.  It’s located on the right-hand side of Main Street USA (if you’re facing Cinderella Castle).

Main Street Bakery Menu

The new Bakery has Starbucks products. There are the typical hot and cold drinks and pastries. You’ll also find fresh fruit and cereals. There are some breakfast sandwiches. More menu will be available once the shop opens.

Fun Facts

  • Main Street, U.S.A. is open for guests to shop for about an hour after park closing – this typically includes the Bakery, so you can stop by for one last treat on your way out of the park!
  • If you stand outside and look towards the train station, you’ll notice the street lights are gas lamps, but if you look towards Cinderella Castle they change to electric-powered lamps, showing the progression of time in a turn-of-the-century American town

Dad’s Bottom Line

Starbucks is taking over the world. If you like Starbucks, you’ll love stopping here. Can you believe it? You can now get your Starbucks fix right in the Magic Kingdom. What a concept.