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Magic Kingdom Dining? The restaurants in the Magic Kingdom feed a whole lot of people. Sometimes over 100,000 people eat multiple meals in a single day. Let’s take a look at what’s there is to eat in the most Magical Place on Earth.



The Food in the Magic Kingdom ranges from cheap hot dogs up to Prime Rib and everything in between. Some of it is really, really good and some of it is … well … passable. What are you waiting for? Dig in …

Contrary to popular belief, the food is not plastic

Pinocchio from Pinocchio Village HausPhoto by Don Sullivan

Disney Dining Plan

Magic Kingdom Dining, like all dining at Walt Disney World is divided into one of four categories. They are –

These categories from the Disney Dining Plan.

Dad’s Disney Dining Plan page

Signature Restaurants

A signature restaurant is special. Disney has designated it’s top restaurants as Signature Restaurants. They cost more but have create a better experience for guests. For Magic Kingdom Dining the Signature Restaurant is …

Home to the Charming’s

Prince Charming and CinderellaPhoto by Samantha Decker

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Cinderella’s Royal Table is Magic Kingdom Dining at it’s finest. In fact this is one of the best restaurants at Walt Disney World. But even though the food is really good, this restaurant is all about the show. Every man (yes, Dad’s this place is really cool), woman and child on earth dreams of eating a feast in the Castle with Cinderella and friends.


You won’t want to miss this, but you have to book early. (Sometimes you get lucky and can just drop in.)

Dad’s Cinderella’s Royal Table page

Table Service Restaurants

There aren’t many Table Service Restaurants (compared to EPCOT) in the Magic Kingdom, but wow, the restaurants here are special. Check them out.

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Remember Lady and the Tramp? Remember the scene where Lady and the Tramp share a bowl of Spaghetti ending up in a slurpy kiss? Ahhhh. So cute. The restaurant where that happened was Tony’s.


Tony’s Town Square is a Italian restaurant designed to bring back the romance of Pongo and Perida. in fact, you’ll find a statue of the cute pair right inside the front door.

Dad’s Tony’s Town Square Restaurant page

Liberty Tree Tavern

Picture of Liberty Tree TavernPicture by mrkathika

Liberty Tree Tavern

Liberty Tree Tavern may be the most unique of the Magic Kingdom restaurants. At least it’s the most historic. Located by the Liberty Tree (hence the name), this “tavern” celebrates Thanksgiving every day. PS. Don’t expect to get any spirits in this “tavern”. The Magic Kingdom is still tea totaling.


The meal starts with a personal summons to your table for a traditional meal of turkey and dressing and all the trimmings. Eat until you pop, but save some room for the dessert. Trust me.

Dad’s Liberty Tree Tavern page

The Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace at nightPhoto by Matthew Cooper

Crystal Palace

Tigger is everywhere in this Winnie the Pooh themed character meal. Disney says you’ll step into the Hundred Acre Wood. I’m not so sure about that. But you will step into a pretty good buffet full of fun and frolic.


There is even a special kids area to this buffet where kids can reach their own favorites like macaroni and cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Adults will love the more adult type offerings. Check it out. Trust me.

Dad’s Crystal Palace page

Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest is the newest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. It’s pretty amazing. Who wants to eat in the Beast’s Castle?


Be Our Guest is really 2 restaurants in one. At lunch it’s a Quick Service restaurant (see below) and in the evening it’s a full Table Service setting.


The evening Table Service is a place where you would expect Mrs. Potts and Chip to come and dance on your table. French food is the specialty and there is even wine served (the only place to get alcohol in the Magic Kingdom).


Beauty and the Beast are the hosts as they welcome you into their home which is an amazing recreation of the movie castle.

Dad’s Be Our Guest page

Quick Service Restaurants

Magic Kingdom Dining is all about the special Quick Service Dining (fast food) that’s all over the park. Each area has at least one restaurant and most of them are unique and offer descent food at fairly reasonable prices (for a theme park). The portions are usually pretty large and can be shared.


Here are the restaurants –

Casey’s Corner

Casey’s Corner will take you back to a time long ago and how special can hot dogs be. Hot dogs (with white buns) are really good food.


This is one of Dad’s favorite restaurants at Walt Disney World. Yes, a hot dog.


It’s yummy.

Dad’s Casey’s Corner page

Tomorrowland Terrace

This restaurant is open seasonally. What does the mean? If the crowds are big the restaurant will be open. If the crowds are small it might not. (How’s that for a straight answer.) If it’s open it serves Asian food. Specifically – Pot Stickers and Egg Rolls.

Sonny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

Sonny Eclipse plays his pianoPhoto by Express Monorail

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

Want an out of this world Magic Kingdom Dining experience? Stop in at Cosmic Ray’s and sample the food along with the entertainment. BBQ chicken and ribs are the specialties, but you can get the normal theme park staples of hamburgers and hot dogs.


Sonny Eclipse provides the entertainment that can only be described as other worldly. (After all this place backs up to the Stitch ride.) It’s OK food and good fun. (It’s a nice place to sit on a hot day.)

Dad’s Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe page

Pinocchio Village Haus

Pinocchio Village Haus is one of the few Magic Kingdom restaurants where the decor doesn’t match the food. When you walk into the restaurant you would expect a Oompah band and the smell of some kind of wurst coming from the kitchen. But no, this Magic Kingdom Dining experience is full of pizza and French fries. Pizza and French fries? Oh, well.


At least it’s pretty good pizza and fries with cheese and bacon. How can you go wrong with that?

Dad’s Pinocchio Village Haus page

Columbia Harbour House

Columbia Harbor House is a departure from the standard Magic Kingdom Dining. There is not any pizza, hot dogs or even hamburgers here. This quick service restaurant features fishy foods. You can even get lobster (really a lobster roll).

The food here is surprisingly good (for theme park food) and a welcome break from the hot dog/hamburger racket.

Dad’s Columbia Harbour House page

Be Our Guest

Yes, Be Our Guest is on the list again. It is the only restaurant currently at WDW that’s a Quick Service restaurant for lunch and a Table Service Restaurant for dinner.


At lunch, Be Our Guest serves mostly sandwiches, soups and salads. They are really good. The best thing is the dessert menu is the same at both meals. Yes, you can even get the Grey Stuff at lunch.

Dad’s Be Our Guest page

Gaston’s Tavern

Gaston's TavernPhoto by Matthew Cooper

Gaston’s Tavern

With the opening of the new Fantasyland, a whole new section based on Beauty and the Beast opened up. The village where Belle grew up is featured including Gaston’s Tavern.


You can sit at the fireplace and look at the most handsome guy anywhere while you eat a big ole side of meat and drink a sweet brew.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn

Pecos Bill Tall Tale InPhoto by Jeff Bergman

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn

The best hamburger west of the Haunted Mansion. Yep, that’s Pecos Bill. No it’s not Pecos Bills or Pecos Bill’s. It’s just Pecos Bill.


This used to be home of the “Mile Long Fixin’s Bar”, but they cut it in half and now there are 2 half mile long fixin’s bars that are the star of the show. Almost anything you could want on a sandwich is here.


The food? It’s pretty good to now that Disney has wised up and gotten rid of those nasty wheat buns.

Dad’s Pecos Bill Tall Tale In and Cafe page

Golden Oak Outpost

This is a place to get some true fast food. (Slowly at times. It took us 30 minutes the last time we tried just to get some french fries.) Who is the king of fast food? McDonald’s right? At the Golden Oak Outpost you can satisfy your McDonalds craving and get some good ole McDonalds French Fries. How cool is that? Oh, yeah, they have Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Sandwiches too.

Torguga Tavern

Tortuga Tavern is the newest Magic Kingdom Dining experience. It replaced the long running El Pirata y el Perico. Here at the tavern you’d expect to see Captain Jack and his gang all pulled up at a table slogging down a pint of ale or ten. (If only the Magic Kingdom allowed ale.)


Tortuga Tavern serves up a very limited Mexican Food menu and is only open seasonally (which means when there are big crowds.

Dad’s Tortuga Tavern page


There are lots of places to grab a quick snack in the Magic Kingdom. They range from carts that sit around to neat the ice cream parlor and bake shop on Main Street. Here’s the list …


Snack stations

  • Aloha Isle – Adventureland – Dole Whips, drinks and cookies
  • Auntie Gravities Galactic Goodies – Tomorrowland – drinks, ice cream and smoothies
  • Cheshire Cafe – Fantasyland – formerly Enchanted Grove, cereals, muffins and drinks
  • The Lunching Pad – Tomorrowland – in RocketTower Plaza, hot dogs, pretzels and drinks
  • Main Street Bake Shop – Main Street – pastries and sandwiches and pastries and drinks
  • Storybook Treats – Fantasyland – formerly Mrs. Potts Cupboard, drinks, ice cream and cookies
  • Cool Ship Cooling Station – Tomorrowland – drinks, pretzels, chips, Churros and corn dogs
  • Plaza Ice Cream Parlor – Main Street – ice cream
  • Sleepy Hollow – Liberty Square – sandwiches, waffles, funnel cakes and lots more.
  • Westward Ho – Frontierland – Corn dogs, chips and drinks.
  • Sunshine Tree Terrace – Adventureland – ice cream, chips and drinks
  • Friar’s Nook – Fantasyland – chicken nuggets, hot dogs, salads and drinks

Snack Carts

A Mickey Bar with a bite taken out
Photo by Lisa Kline1

All around the Magic Kingdom there are some special places to stop and grab a quick bite. They are the snack carts. You can get all kinds of ice cream (including the famous Mickey Bars) or Egg Rolls. Turkey Legs are one of The Man-Child’s favorites.

  • Egg Roll Wagon –
  • Frontierland Churro Cart
  • Ice Cream Carts
  • Liberty Square Market
  • Turkey Leg Cart

You don’t have to sit down to have a great Magic Kingdom Dining experience. Grabbing a quick snack can be an adventure all its own. Give a Mickey Bar a try.


Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Magic Kingdom Dining is pretty special if for no other reason than location and decor. The new restaurants coming in Fantasyland will be interesting. For the volume, the quality and price food here is just pretty good.

Check them out.

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