Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

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Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ is a fresh new restaurant at Disney Springs. It’s got laid back Florida style and comfort food with a kick.


beaches & creamHomecomin’s dessert menu looks pretty good. Photo by Carl Trent


Homecomin’ is the type of restaurant that makes you want to sit and stay a while. The service is warm, the atmosphere is casual, and there’s lots of choice on the menu. While the food may seem familiar, a lot of traditional favorites have been given a Florida twist.

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

This casual sit-down restaurant is one of the most in-demand spots at WDW, because the grub is good and there aren’t many seats. If you love pastels, jukebox tunes, and classic American grub, you’ve gotta eat here.


juke box at beaches & creamHomecomin’ sure looks pretty at night. Photo by Wayne Wood

What to Expect

Homecomin’ is a sit-down restaurant where you’ll be seated and served, but they do have a to-go window with a limited menu if you’re looking for a comfort food fix on the go.


At WDW, many of the restaurants try to transport you somewhere else – France, a drive-in, even prehistoric times! This is one spot where you KNOW you’re in Florida. There’s rustic warm wood beams, light colors, linen and canvas, lots of glass and of course a porch with a beautiful view of Disney Springs. It feels like a real neighborhood joint.


beaches & creamThe shrimp cocktail is a little different… Photo by Carl Trent



This restaurant is located at Disney Springs in the Town Center neighborhood near Blaze Pizza and across the water from Frontera Cocina.

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burger at beaches & creamThe kitchen plate comes with your choice of three sides. Photo by Carl Trent

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and Dinner are served from 11am-11pm (the menu is the same). You can expect shrimp and grits, fried fish and chicken, and lots of comfort food sides like mac and cheese, slaw, drop biscuits and mashed potatoes. Oh yeah, they’ve also got desserts like cake or doughnuts.


See the most up-to-date menu from Disney here.


kitchen sink at beaches & creamDad loves fried chicken. Photo by Carl Trent

Advanced Dining Reservations

If you want to eat here, you might want to snag an Advanced Dining Reservation. This isn’t the kind of spot you HAVE to reserve at the 180 day mark – like a lot of spots in Disney Springs you can get a dining time even a couple weeks out. You can also ask about a walk-up table but you might have to wait awhile, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

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sundae at beaches & creamGrab a fork! Photo by Carl Trent

The Disney Dining Plan

Lunch and Dinner are 1 Table Service credit per person on the Disney Dining Plan.

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Dad’s Review

Dad gives Homecomin’ a 3 star rating, see why:

Dad’s Homecomin’ Review


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Dad’s Bottom Line

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ is a nice spot where you don’t have to fight for a reservation. If you like spice, it might be for you – if not, make sure you ask about the dishes you’re ordering!