Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest is one of Disney’s most exciting thrill rides. This one is special. Not only do you hurtle down the track at break-neck speeds, you hurtle backward down that same track. Wild. Disney has outdone themselves with the themeing in this ride. Notice how the mountain even has blueish snow (the color of glaciers).

Expedition Everest – The Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

The story behind the ride is that you are visiting the “Forbidden Mountain” for an adventure brought to you by the “Himalayan Escapes Tour Company” You are loaded on steam powered trains for a ride up the mountain. Things get a little dicey on your ride.

Queue and Preshow

Disney has great preshows, and this one is as good as it gets. As you wait in line you get to walk through a museum dedicated to the Yeti. The line is all part of the ride. You start your journey in the office of a local travel agency named “The Himalayan Escapes Tour Company.” As you wind through the line you learn about the animals that inhabit the Himalayas. You also enter a shrine dedicated to the story of the Yeti.

You will also see signs leading you to the Anadapur Rail Service for a rail trip on a railroad that was formerly used to tranport tea. You are then loaded into 34 seat rail cars and off you go…


The Expedition Everest train lurches out of the station and the “fun” begins. You roll through thick forests of bamboo and into a fortress. The music you hear signals there is danger ahead. More signs of danger are seen in the totems and murals of the Yeti. (Be afraid, be very afraid.)

Leaving the fortress, you start up the mountain. Before you know it, you come to a screeching stop at a place where the track is mangled. Then the Yeti shows up and you start fallling backward. Yes, backward. You plunge backwards down the mountain. It’s like Space Mountain, only in reverse. Dark and fast.

The rest of the ride is a combination of indoor and outdoor thrills and spills. If you are looking for a different experience while climbing the mountain, try riding at night. The lighting and feel of the ride is just different. The darkness plays a part in the magic of Expedition Everest, but imagine exploring for the yeti when surrounded by the night sky.  Like I said before, wild!

Fun Facts

Here are some interesting tidbits –

  • The track is 4424 ft long.
  • The mountain is exactly 199.5 feet tall. (Anything 200 feet or taller has to have a red light on it.)


This attraction opened April 7, 2006.

The Fine Print

Here’s some small print information

  • Due to the nature of the experience, service animals are not permitted on this attraction.
  • Guests must transfer from their wheelchair, motorized scooter or ECV to board the ride vehicle.
  • For safety, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness or other conditions that this adventure could aggravate.
  • Expectant mothers should not ride.

Dad’s Bottom Line

This is a mind-blowing ride. If you are in to thrill rides at all, you won’t want to miss this ride. You will also want to make sure you take some time to experience the full ride. Take in all of the little extras that Disney has put into the line.