Disney Acronyms: Understanding “Disney Speak”

Dad hates Disney Acronyms, abbreviations or shortcuts or whatever you want to call them. Yes, hate is a strong word, but Dad hates them.

If you’ve ever done much reading about Disney World you’ve probably come across some silly wordlet or word shortcut that drives you nuts. DME is a big one, what’s that mean?

What is an Acronym?

What’s is it? It’s an abbreviation of sorts, a shortcut, or where letters are substituted for words. Sorry kids, but this started long before text messaging.

Being a loyal government employee, I use these little shortcuts every day. My old job title is SATCS OKC TRACON/TWR AT-2152-FG. Yes, that means something to somebody, but probably not to you. Which is the problem.

Disney Acronyms You Need to Know

Over the years reading the Disney discussion boards lots of shortcuts have been developed. It was not unusual to see something like this…

We left the ASMo for MVMCP where we rode ITSW and ate at CP.

OK, that’s an easy one. ASMo – All Star Movies Resort, MVMCP – Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, ITSW – It’s a Small World, CP – Crystal Palace.

Still I hate having to think about all those confusing abbreviations. As Disney World got bigger the some of the wordlets could have more than one meaning. Is SM a shortcut for Space Mountain or Splash Mountain (or something even worse)? Is CP the Crystal Palace or the Candlelight Processional? It got confusing. Dad got confused, and Dad lives in an acronym world.


But I’ve got to talk about my least favorite little wordlets. It is IMHO. IMHO, which stands for – In my humble opinion…

Yeah, right. I’ve never seen anyone that used IMHO that was being HUMBLE. Usually IMHO should read IMMHO or IMWO. (IMMHO – In my most haughty opinion or IMWO – In my wind-bag-ish opinion.)

Dad’s Promise

Dad solemnly swears not to use many Disney Acronyms (unless he has to to make Google happy) in most of his pages, unless absolutely necessary to make a point.

So help me Uncle Walt.

PS. DME is Disney’s Magical Express.

Boy, I hate these things.