Mission: SPACE

Mission: SPACE is the fastest ride in EPCOT, or maybe the slowest, whichever you decide, it is an intense thrill ride that you’ll never forget. Get ready for a thrill-a-minute ride to Mars. Disney even expects you to work for your flight. Each person who enters the ride is given a task that must be […]

New Test Track

Test Track lets you play-both design engineer and crash-test dummy. You actually get to design your test vehicle and then take it through the new and improved test course. Dad and the family loves this ride. It’s always on our to do list. We never miss it.   Test Track The new version of Test […]

Future World in EPCOT

Disney World discounts, EPCOT's Spaceship Earth at night

Want to see how your dreams will come true in the future? Go to Future World in EPCOT. You can even see what’s gonna happen tomorrow and how it has come about. There are some of the best rides at Walt Disney World in this part of EPCOT. Mission Space may be the most technologically […]