Casey’s Corner

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Casey’s Corner is the little hot dog stand at the end of Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. This cute little Disney restaurant has been there since the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971.



There’s something magic about a big juicy hot dog and a Coke on a hot summer day. It reminds you of days gone by, or was that yesterday?


Casey's Corner on Main StreetPhoto by WDW Shutterbug

About Casey’s

This is once again, one of Dad’s favorite Disney restaurant. Every year the first thing we do is eat at the Magic Kingdom because we can get a great hot dog at Casey’s.


It hasn’t always been that way…

Dad’s rant about Casey’s Corner

All that is in the past. Disney finally listened to Dad. Casey’s is back. The regular, really good hot dog buns have made a return. Live is good again.

The Location

When it comes to restaurants the “gurus” tell you it’s all about location. Casey’s Corner has one of the greatest locations in the world. Casey’s is right at the end of Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom.


People (like Dad) will sit for hours hoarding tables as the evening activities progress. It’s the Perfect place to watch Wishes (if you can get a spot between the trees), but it’s not a good place to see any of the parades.

Mighty Casey

Casey at Casey's CornerPhoto by WDW Shutterbug

What’s Inside

Inside Casey’s there is a lot of baseball momentos including great old pictures of baseball games and (sometimes) imaginary baseball heros. There are a few chairs and tables inside and a bunch more outside.


Sadly, The bleacher seat and movies of the past are gone.



Several times a day, there is a piano player that plays just outside the restaurant. The music is usually from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The golden years of baseball.

A friendly visitor

A duck outside of Casey's CornerPhoto by WDW Shutterbug

The Hours

Open daily from 11:00am till the park closes.

The Menu

The menu at Casey’s is complex and unique. Who am I kidding it’s hot dogs and fries. However they have added a couple of new offerings with the Chicago and BBQ dogs.


See pictures of the new dogs

Casey’s Corner Menu

The Menu at Casey's Corner Photo by stretchdog

  • Grand Slam Hot Dogs – 1/4 lb. Hot Dog
  • Chili Cheese Dog
  • Chicago Style Hot Dog
  • Barbeque Slaw Dog
  • Corn Dog Nuggets
  • Fries
  • Brownies
  • Chili
  • Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Light Lemonade, Orange Juice, Chocolate Milk, Whole Milk, Low Fat Milk, Bottled Water, Iced Tea, Hot Tea, Coffee

See Casey’s Corner Menu from Disney


Disney Quick Service Restaurant

This restaurant is considered a Quick Service Resturant for the Disney Dining Plan.


All Disney Restaurants are non-smoking.

Magic Kingdom Dining

The Magic Kingdom is not well known for fine dining, but there are some great places to get some grub (like Casey’s). For more information about Magic Kingdom Dining check out …

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Now that the bun thing is no longer a problem, Casey’s is back on the do not miss list. For a quick, affordable and tasty meal (not very healthy but it tastes good), stop in and enjoy.