Astro Orbiter


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Astro Orbiter is another of Uncle Walt’s genius rides. Take a normal, aging, midway ride and dress it up like a spaceship. Throw it on top of a building and poof, a new thrill ride is born.



Jump on the people mover (elevator that takes guest to the attraction) and ride to the retro-futuristic version of a rocket ship and blast off to nowhere. You can control the height of the space vehicle by using the joystick.


A day picture of Astro Orbiter
Photo by Jeff_B.

Danger Will Robinson –

  • Those who are afraid of heights may not enjoy this ride.
  • Also those who are affected by motion sickness probably will not be comfortable.

The Preshow

Like a lot of the original rides, there isn’t much of a preshow. You ride the elevator up to the top of Rockettower Plaza and line up for the ride.

The Postshow

Just like the Preshow you get back in the elevator and ride back to Mother Earth. Dad usually kisses the ground when he gets back down.


You do get a great view of Tomorrowland

Astro Orbiter at night
Photo by Jeff_B

The Attraction

Astro Orbiter is one of those Dumbo on steroids rides that goes round and round, up and down. But for good measure and a little more discomfort, Uncle Walt put it up about 500 feet in the air. (It’s only about 60, but it feels like five hundred.)


Hop in the rocket and for the next minute and a half take a good look at Tomorrowland.

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Dad’s Ride Information Table

Astro Orbiter

Description: High flying, motion, guest controlled ride in spaceship ride vehicle
Height Requirement – none FastPass:Yes Length of Ride: 1 min 30 sec
Type of ride: Midway like centrifuge ride

Dad’s Ratings

1 3 3 3 1
Other Information: Another round and round ride accentuated by the height


Riding high at night

Astro Orbiter jets with riders at night
Photo by Express Monorail

The Fine Print

Here’s some small print information

  • Guest should be in good health and free from heart, back, or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that may be aggravated.
  • Guests must transfer from wheelchair, motorized scooter or ECV to board the ride.
  • Guest with young children may take turns, see cast member for details.


Destinations to Travel LLC.

Fun Facts

Here are some interesting tidbits –

  • The ships travel at a speed of 11 rotation per minute.
  • Each vehicle averages about 1.2 million miles a year.


This attraction first opened in 1974 (3 years after Walt Disney World opened) known by its previous name Star Jets, reopened in 1994 when New Tomorrowland debuted.

  • There is a similar attraction at each Disney themed park.
  • The 1994 refurbishment brought the new “Jules Verne” look.
  • On Tomorrowland Transit Authority, the ride is referred to as League of Planets Astro Orbiter

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Dad’s Bottom Line

This is another of those rides that Dad has a problem with. Not that the ride is anything bad, it’s just that it goes round and round. The fact that it’s like 100 miles up in the air makes it even worse.

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