Walt Disney World Weather

Walt Disney World weather can make or break your trip. You spend thousands of dollars and many months planning the perfect trip for your family, making sure each and every detail is perfect, and then bam! An afternoon thunderstorm! Temperatures that surpass 100°F! A hurricane!

Orlando, like the rest of Florida, is subject to extreme weather and is well known for rain. You can expect to have at least one rain shower during your stay. Sometimes it rains every day. During the summer, you’ll experience high heat and humidity, an uncomfortable combination. Spring and fall have the best chances for perfect weather, but winter is highly unpredictable.

Disney World Weather by Season

Yes, the weather can really affect your trip but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! While you can’t control the weather, you can control how you deal with it. The first step in dealing with the Walt Disney World weather is managing your expectations before your trip. When are you planning to go? What is the weather typically like at that time of year? You can search the internet for extremely specific information, but generally speaking…

  • December to February temperatures: Low 50s – low 70s°F
  • March to April temperatures: High 50s – high 70s°°F
  • May temperatures: Mid 60s – high 80s°F
  • June to September temperatures: Low 70s – low 90s°F
  • October to November temperatures: Mid-50s – mid 70s°F

These temperatures don’t include the humidity ratings, which can make it feel up to 10°F hotter. Humidity increases during the rainy season, which is June-September in Orlando, so the hottest time of year gets even hotter. It’s a hot, stinky, sweaty, grumpy, sticky time of year at Walt Disney World in the summer. The lowest rainfall occurs from October to February when the temperatures are the most moderate, and Dad favors those months to visit.

The next step in dealing with the weather is to check the forecast 10 days before your trip to get a better handle on what the weather might be like. Pack accordingly, and be prepared to buy yourself out of any unexpected weather-related situations, with an extra bottle of sunscreen if it’s hotter than you planned, a sweatshirt if it’s chillier, or a snazzy poncho if the rain catches you off guard.

The final step to dealing with the weather at Walt Disney World is to be flexible with your plans and aware of your family’s needs. If everyone is getting too hot and cranky, it’s time for an afternoon cool-down at the hotel pool. If someone’s shoes are wet, it’s time to change them out for dry ones. If you get stuck in a downpour, grab a poncho and enjoy the smaller crowd, head indoors to a show, or sit down for something to eat.

Ask Dad About the Weather

Dad answers questions all the time about the weather at Disney World. From temperatures to how it affects crowds, Dad knows all about Walt Disney World, so if you still have a question about the Walt Disney World weather, don’t be afraid to ask. Here are some of the outstanding answers Dad has given in the past.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Walt Disney World weather is beyond your control, but with preparation and flexibility, you can have a magical family vacation at any time of year, not matter what challenges the weather brings.