Are your young explorers looking for lunch with a dino-twist? Restaurantosaurus is the place for you! Burgers, Fries, and All-American food, it’s sure to please even the pickiest of kiddos!


Burgers and fries! That counts as meat and potatoes, right? Unlike its name, Restaurantosaurus is NOT adventurous eating, but it’s kid friendly menu and neat dinosaur theming make it a wonderful addition to DinoLand USA! There are not many restaurants in DinoLand USA so it’s nice to finally have a place to sit down–and don’t forget about the toppings bar!

What to Expect

Disney explains the theming as “pre-hysteric.” The story goes that a group of paleontology students turned their dorm and labs into a restaurant. There is outdoor seating but also themed rooms inside.

While the rooms look a bit different, each is decorated with dinosaur bones or other prehistoric decor. The star of this show is the clever humor–or not so clever humor. The jokes are of the pun variety, and while the jokes are written by the paleontology students, you could call them dad jokes. Hey, I like the sound of that!

If the heat has got you down, don’t throw a fit like Donald Duck, head to Restaurantosaurus! Inside, there is quite a bit of seating, making it a nice place to cool off during a busy park day.


Restaurantosaurus is located in DinoLand USA in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It is across from DINOSAUR.

Lunch and Dinner

Only lunch and dinner are served at Restaurantosaurus. The menu does not change between the two meals and can be found by clicking here. The burgers, sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and other items are enhanced by the toppings bar. If the food here is too bare-bones for your liking you can spruce it up a little.

Advance Dining Reservations

This is a quick service location and does not need or accept ADRs. Mobile ordering is available for this location and on busy days (or any day) it will save you some time. More time for the attractions! Sound great to Dad!

Disney Dining Plan

Since this is a quick service location, it costs one quick service credit. Since some of the burgers can be a bit pricey, this is a great use of your credit.

Extra Fun

After eating, walk around the restaurant and try to find the dinosaur puns on the books on the shelves as well as the titles of the songs in the jukebox.

Dad’s Bottom Line

While the selections at Restaurantosaurus won’t please all the foodies I know (Dad learned that word from his assistant), there is at least something for every carnivore (or herbivore) would like.

If you need help planning your prehistoric adventure check with our good friends at Destinations to Travel.