Na’vi River Journey

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Join Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE) for a chance to appreciate the ecosystem of the distant moon, Pandora. The bioluminescent features of Pandora surround the land, both in the plant life as well as the walkways. This beautiful landscape continues into a peaceful river ride.


Sail down a peaceful bioluminescent river in Na’vi River Journey – photo by Brett Svenson


Waterfalls cascade all around pouring life throughout the Pandora rainforest. Several streams flow through Pandora, one of which flows into the Na’vi River. It is here where guests board reed boats on their Na’vi River Journey to see the Shaman of Songs.

Na’vi River Journey – Queue

Na’vi River Journey brings the after-dark world of Pandora to life – photo by Brett Svenson


The queue begins in an outdoor trek through the Pandora rainforest. The next part of the queue has you entering a thatched roof type open hut.


Note: The queue is an entirely different experience at night as the bioluminescent rainforest comes to life.



Encounter an amazing audioanimatronic, the Shaman of Songs – photo by Brett Svenson


The Na’vi River Journey is a slow-moving boat ride through the forest of the Valley of Mo’ara. You will have the chance to see and hear plants and animal life from another world. Some of the projected animations are neat. The bioluminescent flowers and trees are nice and original. There is a soothing song playing in the background that increases in intensity as you approach the Shaman of Songs. The ride ends abruptly just past the Shaman.


You can go through the ride several times and still find something new. Be sure to look all around as you travel, including up. (The frog-type creatures on the leaves above the forest are cool!)


Fun Facts


  • There are 22 floating mountains in Mo’ara, the highest at 130 feet.
  • The Na’vi Shaman Audio-Animatronic featured in the Na’vi River Journey is nearly 10 feet tall. This is the normal height of a Na’vi. Pictures really don’t do it justice.
  • The Na’vi River Journey projection screen is 69 feet wide and over 97 feet tall.
  • New technology was used for the Shaman Audio-Animatronic in order for her movements to be fluid.



Opened: May 27, 2017

Dad’s Ride Information Table

Na’vi River Journey

Description: Slow boat ride through a bioluminescent forest.
Height Requirement – no restrictions Fastpass: yes (however this is on the same tier as Flight of Passage so you can only choose one of those two attractions) Length of Ride: 4 1/2 minutes
Type of ride: Slow Moving

Dad’s Ratings

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The Fine Print:

Although this attraction is like it’s a small world, there is one major difference. Guests must transfer from a wheelchair or ECV to enjoy the attraction. It is unfortunate that with this brand-new ride they were unable to make it so that a wheelchair could be rolled onto the boat.



Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

This is a beautiful attraction, and a very relaxing ride, but it’s really missing something. A true story line. Some more Audio-Animatronics. Something. Don’t waste a FastPass+ on this attraction. Save the FastPass+ for Na’vi River Journey. The queue is nice, but don’t wait any longer than 20 minutes. Max.


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