Morimoto Asia


Let’s get down to business, and defeat the buns. Steamed buns that is. Morimoto Asia is the restaurant of the famous Iron Chef, Masaharu Morimoto. You may know him from the Iron Chef television show.


Morimoto Asia

The modern Morimoto Asia is in the Landing at Disney Springs. Photo by Cliff Wang


Morimoto Asia serves modern pan-asian food. Normally I’m more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy, but I did like the pan-asian (or as I call it, chinese) food at Yak & Yeti. So, maybe Dad is a fan of pan-asian as well!

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Morimoto Asia

Disney refers to the Iron Chef’s restaurant as a “culinary journey across Asia.” What you’re getting here is Iron Chef Morimoto’s take on various types of Asian food. Ok, so maybe pan-asian isn’t just chinese food. The restaurant mentioned Chinese, Japanese, and Korean foods. If that sounds good to you, make sure to check out this Disney Springs location.

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Table at Morimoto

Morimoto Asia is filled with modern design. Photo by Cliff Wang

What to Expect

Morimoto Asia really is beautifully themed. From the large 20 foot long chandeliers to the modern fine dining feel. The restaurants of Disney Springs really go do all out, and Morimoto Asia is no exception!


The outside stands out even with all the impressive building at Disney Springs. It’s really is something to look at! There is a exhibition kitchen where you can watch chefs prepare the food. There’s even a rack where the cooked ducks are kept, much like an actual restaurant in Asia. This place is pretty cool!


The Iron Chef provides a lot of options as well. From the main restaurant, to the lounge, to the outdoor Street Food options, there is a lot to taste and see! While there is a kids menu available, this might be a good time to leave the kids at home so you can take in all the ambiance. Plus, Morimoto Asia isn’t cheap.


Lounge at Morimoto

Order from a condensed menu at the Forbidden Lounge. Photo by Cliff Wang


Morimoto Asia is located in The Landing section of Disney Springs. Across from Wine Bar George and Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant, and just over the bridge from Sprinkles. Cupcake for dessert, anyone?


The lunch menu for Morimoto Asia is similar to the dinner menu.


Pork Belly Bao

The pork belly bao is a delicious choice! Photo by Stephanie Shuster


Dad isn’t so sure about sushi, but I’ve heard they have the freshest sushi around. Check out the dinner menu and enjoy!




Didn’t get that ADR you wanted? Check out the lounge menu!


Morimoto Lounge

The lounge is a great place to have a more relaxes meal. Photo by Cliff Wang

Street Food

Something unique at Morimoto Asia is the Iron Chef’s street food location. For a different take on snacks and small meals Morimoto Asia Street Food menu might be an adventure worth taking!


Morimoto Sign

The Morimoto Asia building is 36 feet tall, with two stories inside. Photo by Judd Helms

Advanced Dining Reservations

Unless you’re heading to the lounge or the Street Food offerings you will want to make sure to get an ADR as Morimoto Asia is popular and gets pretty busy. Then again, what doesn’t on Disney property?

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The Disney Dining Plan

Lunch at Morimoto Asia takes one table service credit while dinner takes two. It might be worth checking out the menus and seeing which options makes the most sense to you.


If all of this seems just a bit overwhelming, relax! You should enjoy your vacation and our friends at Destinations to Travel would love to take the stress out of vacation planning and help make it perfect. Did I mention that their services are free???

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Inside Morimoto

Morimoto Asia offers a beautiful place to sit and have a meal. Photo by Cliff Wang

Extra Fun

On some nights, the Iron Chef offers late night dining! With a special menu for night owls you might want to keep the party going!


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Dad’s Bottom Line


Your enjoyment of Moriomoto Asia is really going to depend on how much you like Asian food! The building and theming are beautiful, so it’s at least worth a look!