Kali River Rapids

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Kali River Rapids is the wettest ride in all of Disney World. (OK, maybe some of the water park rides are wetter.) While this isn’t one of Dad’s favorite rides, it has a devoted following and you might just love it!


On Kali River Rapids

The Kali River Rapids ends with a 20-foot drop into raging rapids. Photo by Judd Helms


On a hot day in Disney’s Animal Kingdom it’s easy to overheat, or even melt like Olaf. If you aren’t the type of snowman that loves the warm hugs of the sun, Kali River Rapids might be exactly what you need!

Kali River Expeditions invites you to explore Chanranadi River where you can see the incredible beauty of the area.


The rapids are located in the Asia section of Animal Kingdom between Maharajah Jungle Trek and Expedition Everest .

Queue and Preshow

Kali River Rapids Sign

The Kali River Rapids lie in Asia, near Maharajah Jungle Trek and Expedition Everest. Photo by Judd Helms


Disney has great preshows and this is one of the most elaborate in the park. As you wind through the lines you’ll see shrines, statues, ruins and overgrown landscape. (Notice at the temple shoes are lined up outside. The Asian custom is to remove shoes before entering buildings.) You get to a television screen where the proprietor tells you about the environmental impact of illegal logging.


River Rapids Bend

The beginning of the ride is a calm, scenic tour across the Chanranadi River. Photo by Judd Helms


You step on to a rotating platform where you get loaded into a 12 person raft to take a ride through the rain forest. Your raft climbs a 90 foot hill (what goes up … one of Dad’s favorite songs). During the climb you see the beauty of the rain forest. Birds are chirping, the air is scented with jasmine and mint. You reach the top and float through a cavern where the water drips freely from the ceiling. Then things change.


The water becomes choppier. Chainsaws can be heard. A smoke smell fill the air. You turn a corner and the beautiful forest becomes a burned out wreck. There are charred trees and trucks burned by the river. Stumps are everywhere. Everything is blackened by fire. Suddenly what went up must come down. You tumble down a 20-foot fall where everyone gets absolutely soaked.


Or maybe not.


Finally, you go under the bridge where guests can pummel you with squirt guns.


For an experience that feels more like getting lost in the jungle, try riding at night. The fog and other effects seem enhance and it is a completely different experience. Animal Kingdom at night is definitely a magical experience.

Post Show

Delhi Donut Raft

This raft on the rapids is named the “Delhi Donut.” Photo by Judd Helms


Pretty much the same as the preshow except you walk backwards. (Yes, there are monitors every few feet to make sure you are walking backwards. Silly, you just walk out the same path you came in on.)

Watch a Video!


Wait times can get quite length on busy days. Going early in the morning or later in the evening are the best choices for this attraction.


Want to be prepared with the best information? The folks at Touringplans.com can help with that!

Dad’s Touringplans.com Page


Kali River Splash

Watch out! You will likely get wet on this ride. Photo by Judd Helms


While Fastpass+ is available, with attractions such as Flight of Passage, Kilimanjaro Safaris, and Expedition Everest, I would not use one of your first three (unless you aren’t planning to ride some of the more popular attractions).

Fun Facts

  • The rafts are named. Some of the names are Banyan Bay, Kali Bumper Car, Sherpa Surfer.
  • The rafts hold 12 riders who sit in pairs.
  • The working name for the ride was “Tiger Rapids Run.”


Kali River Rapids Sign

A sign encourages adventurers to raft the Kali River Rapids. Photo by Judd Helms


This ride opened in 1999. There was an accident in 2007 where 6 people were hurt in a boarding accident.

The Fine Print

Here’s some small print information

  • Like the sign says, you might get wet.
  • Guest may rent translation devices or use Assisting Listening Receivers at this attraction. They are available at Guest Relations
  • You should be free from any back, neck or similar problems and not be pregnant if you ride this ride.
  • Guest must transfer from a wheelchair, motorized scooter or ECV to enjoy this attraction.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Your enjoyment of Kali River Rapids might be based on when you visit Animal Kingdom.

See Why Dad Avoids This Ride

If you don’t like getting wet, avoid this ride. Trust me.


If you’re unsure, ride it and make up your own mind!