Harambe Market

Deep in the heart of Africa, if we’re talking about Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you’ll find Harambe Market.


Welcome to Harambe

At Harambe Market, you’ll find foods like sausages, grilled meats and fresh vegetables. Photo by Laurie Sapp


This outdoor eatery is a favorite among visitors to the Africa section of Animal Kingdom.

Harambe Market

This is an open air market that has African-inspired foods. There are four locations to choose from but look closely as some windows serve the same menu. If that’s the case, pick the shortest line!


The four locations are Kitamu Grill, Famous Sausages, Chef Mwanga’s, and Wanjohi Refreshments.


Wanjohi Refreshment

There are beverages beyond your normal fountain drinks including fruit flavored juices both for adults and children. Photo by Laurie Sapp

What to Expect

This area is themed to be an colonial era train depot where fresh ingredients are delivered directly to the village by train. It’s all about theming at Walt Disney World! Animal Kingdom is one of the most extravagantly themed parks in all of Disney World, and Harambe Market fits right in. As you sit down to enjoy your meal, you wouldn’t think you were in Orlando, Florida!


In order to fit with the theme, the seating is outdoors. Many tables are shaded so you can escape the sun for a little while.


This area is quite popular so there can be long waits. Many simply quote our friends Timon and Pumba and say, “Hakuna Matata” and don’t worry about it, but it’s something to keep in mind.


If you’re looking for a quick service meal that’s not just burgers and fries, Harambe Market could be for you.


Harambe Entrance

Harambe Market is open for lunch and dinner. Photo by Cliff Wang


Harambe Market is tucked away in the back right corner of Africa. Find it by taking a right after Mombasa Marketplace and before Kilimanjaro Safaris, or by taking a left on the path from Africa to Asia.



Here you’ll find a fairly un-hidden Hidden Mickey. Why is it considered hidden, then? Fichwa means "hidden" in Swahili. Photo by Judd Helms

Lunch and Dinner

Harambe Market offers a unique menu compared to many quick service locations. Meals consist of grilled meats and fresh veggies.


The current menu for the market can be found here.


Kitamu grill is one of the four locations within Harambe Market. Kitamu means "tasty" in Swahili. Photo by Laurie Sapp

Advanced Dining Reservations

This is a quick service location and does not allow/require an ADR.


Dad’s Advanced Dining Reservations page


The four food windows in Harambe Market lead into an open-air seating area. Photo by Laurie Sapp

The Disney Dining Plan

Harambe Market costs one quick-service credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

Dad’s Disney Dining Plan page


Posters promoting the nearby Festival of the Lion King are plastered on the walls of the market. Photo by Judd Helms

Extra Fun

Since this area can get very busy check out the mobile ordering option. Mobile Ordering is just another way that Disney keeps things Simple, Fun, and Magic.


Speaking of Simple, Fun, Magic, Dad wrote a good book with the same name. Check it out here.



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Dad’s Bottom Line

Getting lost in the cultures of Animal Kingdom can add to your perfect vacation! The theming alone is worth checking out Harambe Market!