EPCOT Canada

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The EPCOT Canada Pavilion may be the most beautiful area in all of Walt Disney World. Inside this gem you’ll find quiet (usually) gardens to walk through, totem poles, a neat movie and the best steak dinner in EPCOT.



The beauty of Canada really shines through in every part of this pavilion, except ironically, the entrance to O’ Canada (the movie), which is located in a darkish ugly tunnel. Yes, you can look out the windows of the tunnel and see the gardens, but still, it would be a lot more pleasant to wait for the movie outside surrounded by luscious foliage than standing in a drab, dark tunnel.

EPCOT Canada Pavilion

Canada pavilion at nightPhoto by WDW Shutterbug

The Movie

O’ Canada is a movie about life in Canada. It’s another of those 9 screen surround you with motion, make it look like real life, movies. O Canada is hosted by Martin Short. It shows the diversity of Canadian life. From the hustle bustle of the big cities to the slower lifestyle of the Canadian countryside.


The movie ends with Martin Short inviting you to visit Canada. He says to take a left turn at the big ball and you’ll be there soon. (Mrs. Mom’s big ball story.)

O Canada Movie


The Le Cellier sign in Canada
Photo by Disney Photo Snapper

Le Cellier is EPCOT’s premier steak house. This is the place to visit if you are looking for a big juicy steak. The food here has a Canadian flair. The specialty (aside from steak) is pretzel bread, a Canadian speciality.


The Steaks are big and good and are served with Canadian side dishes like Yukon Potatoes. Desserts are pretty yummy and sometimes a bit playful. (See the Chocolate Mousse to the left.)


Le Cellier is one of the smallest restaurants in EPCOT and fills up quickly. Get your reservations in early.

Le Cellier

The Gardens in Canada

The waterfall in the gardens in EPCOT Canada PavilionPhoto by Disney Photo Snapper

The Gardens

EPCOT is big on gardens. One of the biggest shows they host every year is the springs Flower and Garden festival. Disney knows how to make plants grow. Behind the buildings you’ll find a path to the gardens of the EPCOT Canada pavilion. Look hard and you might find the “hidden” waterfall.

For the Children

There is a lot to do in Canada, but not much of it appeals to younger children. All of the World Showcase suffered from this for a long time. Years ago, Disney introduced a way to catch kids attention. They added a station where kids can work with their hands and create something to take home. Disney called these Kidcot stations.

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Last year, Disney added another attraction for kids. It was the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. Kim has been replaced by Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. On this adventure, you get clues on your “FONE” and find the bad guys. There are stations all around EPCOT. Canada is one of the countries with a station.

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Santa in Canada

Santa puts on a red coat in Canada in EPCOT

Photo by Donna62

Christmas in Canada

Every year during the Christmas season, like most of the other pavilions, the story of Christmas is told from a Canadian perspective. Watch Santa put on his red coat and go out into the night. Really neat.

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Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Visiting Canada is a great way to start or end your time in the World Showcase. Grab some great grub, watch a fun movie, spend some time in a beautiful garden or just check out the totem poles. It’s a beautiful thing.