The Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

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The Disney Wonder cruise ship is the second ship built by the Disney Cruise Line. It is currently wondering the all around the world on different itineraries during the year. The Wonder and it’s sister ship The Disney Magic were specifically designed with families in mind. The ships combine great style with family fun.



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The Wonder has 10 decks that can accommodate 2,400 passengers. Scattered around the decks are great restaurants, unparalleled children’s programs, and fun for all ages. The only thing missing is a casino (hey, it is a Disney Cruise.)

The Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

Cleaning up the Disney Wonder cruise ship in portPhoto by Rennett Stowe

The Decks

Deck Plans
Deck plan for the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship
Click on the picture to view a larger version.

The Disney Wonder cruise ship has 10 decks with staterooms, entertainment, dining and more. Each deck is a little different. Here’s a list of what’s on each deck

  • Deck 1 – guest rooms, sick bay, tender area
  • Deck 2 – guest rooms, conference room
  • Deck 3 – restaurants, and bars
  • Deck 4 – theater, shopping, restaurant, photo studio, club
  • Deck 5 – guest rooms, kids activities, theater
  • Deck 6 – guest rooms
  • Deck 7 – guest rooms
  • Deck 8 – guest rooms and big suites
  • Deck 9 – pools, spa, fitness, big screen and dance area, restaurants
  • Deck 10 – bar, pool slide, broadcast area, sports area

The Main Restaurants

The Disney Wonder Cruise Ship, like all the Disney Cruise Line ships has 3 main dining rooms. Unlike standard cruise ships, these dining rooms are all very different and guests have a chance to experience all 3. During the day you can get standard food at 2 of the restaurants, but in the evening, the magic (little m) comes alive.


The Wonder has an innovative system which rotates guests through a series of restaurants for the evening meal. Each night, your servers and table mates will rotate between the 3 main restaurants. Each restaurant is unique and offers an interesting experience. The restaurants are –

  • Parrot Cay – serves classic American food for breakfast and lunch. It turns into a Caribbean Island Grill House for dinner. Enjoy a laid back meal with an island feel. From the bamboo furniture to the parrot mural on the wall, you’re in the islands, mon.
  • Triton’s – serves contemporary American food for breakfast and lunch. At dinner it serves elegant cuisine with French flair. This restaurant is inspired by the movie “The Little Mermaid”. This is King Triton’s banquet hall. This elegant restaurant has a real Under the Sea feel.
  • Animator’s Palate – the restaurant is part of the show. Animator’s Palate is one of the most unique restaurants you’ll ever experience. When you arrive everything is black and white and as the evening progresses, colors appear. Even the servers get into the act as they change clothing as dinner progresses.

For Adults Only – Palo

Sometimes you just have to get away from the kids. On the Disney Wonder cruise ship, Palo is the adults only, upscale restaurant that has out of this world food and service. Palo features Northern Italian cuisine served in an elegant, and romantic, dining experience. Palo is located at the back of deck 10 and has a great outside view. You can watch the world go by as you enjoy some mind-blowing Italian food.


Palo requires reservations and fills up fast. There are only 150 seats in the restaurant so get your reservation in early. You will also have to pay a $15.00 surcharge for dining.

Dad’s Palo page

Other Dining

The Disney Wonder Cruise Ship has several restaurants where you can grab a bite without having to dress up or even sit down.

  • Pinocchio’s Pizzeria – offers pizza by the slice starting around 11:00.
  • Pluto’s Dog House Snack Bar – hamburgers and chicken for lunch
  • Goofy’s Galley – offers quick service snacks all day long including sandwiches, salads, cookies and ice cream
  • Beach Blanket Buffet – every cruise ship has a buffet, and the Wonder is no different. You can get a full meal all day long and dine either inside or outside. Many of the dishes are the same as in the main dining rooms.


Disney has great entertainment and it brings it’s best out to sea with it. On your cruise you can experience first run movies, award-winning live musical extravaganzas, character greetings, and much more. During the day, there are programs for kids of all ages. Adults can even grab some alone time while Disney takes care of the kids.


Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, there are pools for adults, teens and little ones, and there is one of the whole family. If you need some exercise, you can go to the huge fitness center, or just go up and shoot some hoops, or even just walk a mile around the deck. There is something for everyone.

Youth Clubs

When Disney started the Disney Cruise Line, they wanted to target the family market. (Duh.) They designed ships with large areas with children in mind. They wanted to create an environment where the children would have a place to have fun and parents would feel safe in leaving them. They have areas for all ages. Here are the different areas designed just for kids –

  • Aloft – a teen hangout complete with internet access, video games, televisions and music. For ages 13-17.
  • Disney’s Oceaneer Club – kids dress up as hero’s and princesses or play computer games or any of a wide variety of supervised activities. Ages 3-12
  • Disney’s Oceaneer Lab – play and learn with themed activities and games. Ages 3-12
  • Flounders Reef Nursery – from cribs to books everything for the younger ones. (Fee required.)
  • Ocean Quest – steer a virtual ship. Ages 11-13
  • Quarter Masters – a video arcade complete with the latest video games. (Fee required.)
  • Studio Sea – family based entertainment center with karaoke, dancing and family game shows. Snacks available.


Here’s a cute video that shows the Disney Wonder (or maybe the Magic) and some of the highlights of any Disney Cruise.

Book Your Cruise

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Dad’s Bottom Line

A cruise on the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship is a great way to spend a family vacation. Combine it with a few days at Walt Disney World and you have the perfect way to create wonderful memories that will last forever.

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