Disney Hotel Prices

What will it cost to stay at a Disney Hotel? That’s a question with lots of answers. It depends on several factors, but mainly it depends on when you are going to be at Disney World.

Disney Hotel Prices change about as often as the weather in Oklahoma (and believe me, the weather changes a lot in Oklahoma). Luckily, Dad’s got some handy dandy calendars to help you figure out when the prices are high and when they are low (or at least low for Disney).

The Price

How much does it cost to stay at a Disney World Resort? Anywhere from $85 per night (no discount) to several thousand dollars per night. For most of the year there are discounts that change the prices of the hotels. Those discounts range from up to 35% off hotel and tickets to Free Dining (a big favorite).

For the most up to the minute price, I’d suggest you give my Disney Travel Agent partners over at Destinations to Travel a shout. They can help you find the best fit for your budget.

Disney World Hotel Discounts

Dad, you said something about discounts. What are you talking about?

News flash: Disney offers discounts on hotel prices.

One of the ways Disney fills all those hotel rooms (and there are around 30,000 of them) is to offer discounts to get more people to come to Disney World and stay in their overpriced hotels. For the last couple of years, that discount has been Free Dining which has been very effective at filling up the hotels. This year, Free Dining is Dead (or at least it seems like it). Disney has been offering up to 30% off of hotel rooms and tickets.

Disney Hotels

Oh, my goodness. I forgot to talk about the hotels themselves. How could I forget some of the best hotels in the world (including our personal favorite). The Resorts (what Disney calls their hotels) at Disney World are fabulous. They are incredibly themed and are kept typically Disney clean.

You should check out one of the 25+ amazing Disney Hotels on your next trip.