Cinderella’s Royal Table Reservations

Making Cinderella’s Royal Table reservations for your Disney World vacation is not easy. It’s going to take a little work on your part. Cindy’s is one of the smallest restaurants at Walt Disney World and one of the most coveted. So you have to do a little work if you want to dine there.

The first thing you have to do is to is figure out when to call. Grab a calendar and count back 180 days from the day you want your reservation. This is D-Day. You don’t want to be late on this one. It won’t hurt to be early. And you might try this every day of your trip until you get one, and build your whole schedule around this reservation.

On D-Day…

Disney opens their phone lines at 7:00am (in the morning) Eastern time every day. The phone number is


Start dialing about 6:50…

The phone will be answered something like “Thank your for calling the Disney Reservation Center…

If you hear “our office is closed…” hang up and try again immediately.

If there is a pause… you’ve made it. A live person should pick up shortly. Don’t hang up. You’ll lose your place in line.

As soon as a live person comes on the line, it’s time to be a little rude (their used to it) say something like “I’m looking for Cindy’s on (insert your date) for any available time.” Don’t worry about specifying a time. You’ll be lucky to get a reservation, they’ll tell you what’s available.

Like all good things, you have to work for them getting Cinderella’s Royal Table reservations is a good thing.

Or even better…

Be ready at 6:00am Eastern Time (hey, you’re the one that wants to eat there). Have the computer warmed up and ready to make reservations online at Disney’s Dining Reservation page. You might actually want to practice a couple of time in advance.

Keep trying until you get a confirmation.

The Best Way

The best way to make dining reservations at Disney World is let your very good Disney World Travel Agent do it for you. Dad’s friends over at Destinations to Travel will get up early in the morning just to make your dining reservation. They will also help you plan your trip. They will monitor any discounts and get you the best deal available.

Getting a Cinderella’s Royal Table Reservation is a major feat. (Sometimes it’s just as easy as showing up at the front door even without Cinderella’s Royal Table reservations.) It’s the best place at the Magic Kingdom for a Princess to eat. You don’t want to miss it.