Blaze Pizza


Are you in the mood for customizable food? No, it’s not just any food, it’s a favorite food of even the pickiest of eaters. I’m talking about pizza!


Blaze Pizza in Disney Springs is pizza the way you want it. It has been compared to other chain restaurants such as Subway and Chipotle, but with pizza.

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Visit Blaze Pizza for a customizable pizza experience! Photo by Courtney Reynolds

If you want to be a chef like Remy from the Disney*Pixar film Rataouille, Blaze Pizza might be what you want. A little of this topping, a little of that one, you get to pick exactly what you want!

Blaze Pizza

This quick-service pizza location is not unique to Disney Springs. Blaze Pizza has 300 locations worldwide, and is growing quickly.


Dad knows that some people would rather avoid chain restaurants when vacationing at Disney, so it’s something that’s good to know!


Sit outside for a beautiful view of Disney Springs. Photo by Cliff Wang

What to Expect

When you walk into Blaze Pizza, you’ll notice a modern look. Lots of open space and exposed beams. While there isn’t a lot in the way of themeing it is a nice looking restaurant.


If you’ve been to Subway or Chipotle, you’ll be comfortable here. After waiting in line, you’ll walk up to the counter and pick your pizza crust, sauce, and toppings. The pizza is assembled right in front of you and then place in the oven for 180 seconds! They call it Fast-Fire’d and they aren’t kidding!


Once you order you can go find a table, they’ll give you one of those pager things to let you know when everything is ready!


The back of the restaurant is all glass and overlooks the water. In fact, there are also tables outside for waterfront dining!


The pricing here is pretty reasonable and you can get a pizza for under ten dollars. Some reviewers have said that the pizzas are shareable, especially if you’re not wanting a huge portion. If that’s you, then this could be a pretty inexpensive Disney Springs option!


Pick from a variety of toppings for your pizza. Photo by Courtney Reynolds


Blaze Pizza is located in the Town Center section of Disney Springs. It is near D-Luxe Burger and accross the bridge from STK Orlando.


The menu also has pre-planned pizza options for the indecisive. Photo by Courtney Reynolds

Lunch & Dinner

Since this is customizeable pizza, the menu stays the same.


If customizing your pizza stresses you out, don’t worry! There are several options on the menu for you as well!


TEXTGet half and half if you’re sharing! Photo byJudd Helms


Advanced Dining Reservations

This is a quick service location and does not require an ADR. If you are looking for a creative and fun quick-service location, feel free to just show up at Blaze Pizza.

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TEXTOrder a pizza without an ADR! Photo by Courtney Reynolds

The Disney Dining Plan

This pizza place will set you back one quick-service credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

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TEXTSalads and sides are also on the menu. Photo by Courtney Reynolds


Extra Fun

If you love the thought of customizable pizza because you love being able to plan, then you’ll love Get Down to Disness! They have great products to help you plan your perfect vacation!


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Dad’s Bottom Line

If you don’t mind eating at a chain restaurant while at WDW, or you don’t have a Blaze Pizza near you, this modern pizza joint is a sure fast-fire’d choice!

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