American Adventure Pavilion

The American Adventure Pavilion is the host pavilion for the World Showcase. It’s located right in the middle. If you line up the entrance and the big silver ball, it will point right at the pavilion. Hey, we’re in America this area should be the best, right?

Inside this massive Colonial structure is a restaurant, a museum and a very large attraction. The restaurant serves hot dogs and hamburgers (standard American fast food). The museum has a huge rotunda and several exhibits that are historic and interesting. The attraction is very patriotic and has the biggest, most technologically advanced stage every built.

Outside, there are historic shows. The Fife and Drum Corp performs on select days. There are flag ceremonies during the day. It’s all very well done.

Oh, yeah, you might even see old Ben hanging around.

The Attraction: The American Adventure

The American Adventure is not only the name of the pavilion, it’s the name of the show too. This is the story of America from beginning until today.

It shows the history of the country from the crossing of Valley Forge to the loud and inspiring launch of the first Space Shuttle.

Mark Twain and Ben Franklin are the hosts of this inspiring 29 minute show that combines scenes from history with a movie projected on a 72 foot wide screen and the largest rotating stage ever built.

The theater holds lots of people and is always a great place to cool off. This show tells the best about America. Don’t miss it.

The Food: Regal Eagle Smokehouse

In 2019, the American Adventure Pavilion got a dining upgrade when the old quick-service restaurant Liberty Inn (which served hamburgers and hot dogs) was replaced with a new spot called Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue

At Regal Eagle Smokehouse, you’ll find “a salute to barbecue” on the menu, with an array of dishes that celebrate the different regions of American backyard barbecue. Dishes include a variety of smoked meats, plus four house-recipe sauces that cover every region’s unique spin on saucy barbecue toppings. Craft beers, ciders, specialty regional cocktails, and even West Coast wines are also highlighted here, giving guests a well-rounded selection of American options.


There is a lot going on around here. On the top of every hour there is a patriotic demonstration. Usually it’s the Fife and Drum Corp. They perform on Tuesdays through Saturdays usually 4 times a day. See your map for times.

You can also get serenaded in the rotunda before the show by the Voices of Liberty. They present a rousing patriotic show of 3 or 4 songs. It’s not to be missed.

American Gardens Theater

The American Gardens Theater is where all the big names appear. Seriously. During the year all sorts of singing acts do shows on the stage FOR FREE! Yes, free (once you get into the park.)

The theater is used for concerts during the spring and the International Flower and Garden Festival. During the summer with the Sounds Like Summer concerts. And in the fall with the Eat to the Beat concerts during the International Food and Wine Festival.

The Candlelight Processional

But the biggest event in the American Gardens Theater is the Candlelight Processional in November and December. A 500 member chior, the Voices of Liberty and an orchestra perform the story of the birth of Christ.


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