Spring Training at Disney World

What could possibly be better than Spring Training at Disney World? I can’t think of anything. Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Disney World. Now that’s an all-American combination right there.

For the 17th year in a row, the Atlanta Braves will kick off Spring Training at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex on February 26nd. Some of the top teams in baseball will come to Disney World during this month, which kicks off the start of the baseball season.

Spring Training at Disney World

Spring Training in Florida is a tradition that’s been around for a long time. The Grapefruit League, the name of Spring Training in Florida, started way back in 1908. It’s changed through the years, but this year there are 15 teams that will be in Florida during February and March to get ready for the season. (The rest of the teams are in Arizona in the Cactus League.)

Spring Training is a time when the rules are a bit more relaxed, the players talk to the fans, and it’s just a great way to watch a baseball game.

The Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves have been holding Spring Training at Disney World for the past 16 years. This years the team is trying to rebound from a late season collapse last year with some new blood in key positions. Gone is long-time star Chipper Jones. Some of the new faces include B. J. Upton (outfielder), Justin Upton (outfielder) and Chris Johnson (3rd base).

This year, on paper, looks to be a good year for the Braves.


Here is the Spring Training at Disney World Schedule –

  • Wednesday, February 26 – Detroit Tigers -1:05pm
  • Friday, February 28 – Houston Astros – 6:05pm
  • Sunday, March 2 – Detroit Tigers – 1:05pm
  • Monday, March 3 – New York Mets – 1:05pm
  • Tuesday, March 4 – Washington Nationals – 1:05pm
  • Thursday, March 6 – Washington Nationals – 6:05pm
  • Saturday, March 8 – Miami Marlins – 1:05pm
  • Tuesday, March 11 – Philadelphia Phillies – 1:05pm
  • Wednesday, March 12 – Washington Nationals – 1:05pm
  • Friday, March 14 – Tampa Bay Rays – 1:05pm
  • Wednesday, March 19 – New York Yankees – 1:05pm
  • Friday, March 21 – Detroit Tigers – 1:05pm
  • Saturday, March 22 – >Boston Red Sox -1:05pm
  • Sunday, March 23 – New York Mets – 1:05pm
  • Monday, March 24 – Houston Astros – 6:05pm
  • Wednesday, March 26 – Miami Marlins – 1:05pm

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Tickets for Spring Training at Disney World range in prince depending on where you want to sit. The cheapest seats start at around 10 bucks and can cost as much as $49. For an additional fee, you can add the On-Field Experience to any ticket. Group tickets are also available for groups larger than 10 people.

Champions Stadium

Games are played in Champions Stadium at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. This field has 9,500 seats, several open air areas for groups and a grassy knoll, oops, I mean, a grass hill where you can enjoy a Spring Training game in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Spring Training at Disney World is a great tradition. The Atlanta Braves have been residents there for the past 16 years. During Spring Training the players interact with the fans more. It would be a great addition to any trip.