Raglan Road


Remember when The Lord of the Dance was everywhere? Well, this is kind of like that! Raglan Road, with its Irish food and dancers, is a pub and a party all in one. Seriously, have you seen how fast their legs move? It’s making me tired just thinking about it.

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The facade and signage reflect a tradtional Irish Pub. Photo by
Cliff Wang

The celebrity chefs have arrived in Disney Springs and Raglan Road is no exception. Kevin Dundon owns the unique Irish pub and has appeared on Irish, British, Canadian, and American TV. He’s also cooked for both Irish and US Presidents.

Raglan Road

If you’re ever hunting for a leprechaun at Disney Springs, Raglan Road might be where you find the pot of gold! Disney Springs brings so many memorable experiences and this is one many people love!


Enter the door and step into an Irish celebration. Photo by
Cliff Wang

What to Expect

Dancing, Dancing, and Dancing!!! Okay, so they won’t make you dance (unless you want to) but Raglan Road’s Irish dancers really give the place a one of a kind vibe! I’ve seen videos where the dancers will bring kids up on stage and teach them how to do an Irish jig, so this could be fun for the whole family!


While the Irish dancers are cool, there’s more to this place than just dancing. This is a restaurant afterall, so the food is a celebration of all things Irish. It’s definitely a hit with many people.


The food here is definitely Irish! Irish and hearty! Where else would you see Bangers & Mash on the menu? Raglan Road serves authentic Irish food, with what Disney calls, “Celtic creativity.”


One thing you’ll notice when you enter Raglan Road is the octagonal main dining room. With its stained glass windows, chandeliers, and dark wood and leather furniture, this definitely has an Irish pub feel.



The unique shape of the dining room is a fun touch! Photo by
Cliff Wang


Raglan Road is located in The Landing at Disney Springs. You’ll find it across from Morimoto Asia. It’s also near Cookes of Dublin, and just a stones throw away from Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar.


Find Raglan Road at The Landing! Photo by
Cliff Wang


On Saturdays and Sundays, you’ll find Raglan Road serving brunch during certain times of the day. Brunch with live music and dancing? Yes, please. Check out the brunch menu.


There’s often live music – come and enjoy food and entertainment! Photo by
Cliff Wang


The lunch and dinner menus differ, so make sure your favorite Irish dish is on the lunch menu.


Raglan Road is all about all things Irish – it’s reflected all around the restaurant. Photo by
Cliff Wang


The dinner menu is full of hearty Irish fare. It can be found here.

Late Night

This place is a party! If you plan on being at Disney Springs late into the night, the late night dining menu is worth checking out!


The bar at Raglan Road is all dressed up for the holidays. Photo by
Cliff Wang

Advanced Dining Reservations

To participate in all the dancing, fun, and food, you’ll definitely want an ADR. I doubt you’ll be able to get a table just by asking nicely.

Dad’s Advanced Dining Reservations page

The Disney Dining Plan

Raglan Road costs one table service credit on the DDP.

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Enjoy the outdoor dining on the patio. Photo by
Cliff Wang

Extra Fun

Some of the bars inside of Raglan Road were imported directly from Ireland. In fact, some of them are over 130 years old! This definitely gives this place a bit of authenticity.


If the thought of planning a trip seems as overwhelming as importing furniture all the way from Ireland, I wrote a book to help ease your mind. It’ll help. Trust me!


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Dad’s Bottom Line

Are you ready to watch legs moving really fast? Are you ready for some hearty Irish food? Are you enamored with celebrity chefs? If so, dance your way to Raglan Road!



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