Bwana Bob’s

Bwana Bob’s (a souvenir cart in Adventureland) is our last stop at the Magic Kingdom before we leave the park. It’s a Family Tradition. Dad firmly believes that family traditions are important. Disney World traditions make for great vacations. When we visit Magic Kingdom, we always end our day in Adventureland. It’s one of our […]

Tortuga Tavern

El Pirata Y El Perico is now Tortuga Tavern as Adventureland continues its transformation into Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired land. In the movies, the tavern is a grayish place where all kinds of unappealing-looking pirate types gather and drink. This restaurant is a bit more refined and colorful but still retains the flavor of the […]

Aloha Isle

Aloha Isle exterior at Magic Kingdom Park

A Dole Whip from Aloha Isle at Magic Kingdom Park is a great snack to recharge your batteries as you make your way through the Magic Kingdom. You won’t be disappointed. It is the best of both worlds good for you and delicious. Some of you might be wondering what a Dole Whip is. Here […]

Sunshine Tree Terrace

sunshine tree terrace

Sunshine Tree Terrace is Adventureland’s number one place for a cool snack or a cookie. It’s in the perfect place for an afternoon soft drink. If you are following Dad’s plan then you know that Dad’s always in Adventureland in the afternoon, just in time for a cold Coke. This place is right on the […]


Adventureland entrance at Magic Kingdom Park

Adventureland in Magic Kingdom Park is an area inhabited by spirits, pirates, poachers, and who knows what else. You can ride on a Jungle Cruise with the Pirates of the Caribbean looking for the gods from the Tiki Room. In Adventureland you can explore far away lands that are full of interesting characters that offer […]

The Enchanted Tiki Room

The New Management is out at the Enchanted Tiki Room and the original show is up and running. This is one of Dad’s all time favorite attractions. I’ve love the Tiki Room since I was a little kid (that’s a long, long time). The Tiki Room brings the flavor of Polynesia to the Magic Kingdom. […]

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin opened in 2001 and is Adventureland’s newest ride. It lets you take a ride on a magic carpet/flying carpet. Who hasn’t dreamed of taking a ride on a magic carpet or a flying carpet? This ride is the Dumbo of Adventureland. It’s based on the same technology and loads just […]

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse is an amazing piece of Disney Magic. The detail inside this treehouse adventure will make you think you’ve joined the Robinson Family and will have you looking for giant turtles. This is Disney Adventureland at its finest. Don’t you just love how Uncle Walt would take a movie and turn […]