AquaDuck: Disney Cruise Line’s Water Coaster

When the Disney Cruise Line announced the Disney Dream, they had some extra room to fill. As construction began, we started hearing rumors of something really big being added to the upper decks of the ship. The really big thing turned out to be a unique water coaster: The AquaDuck.

About the AquaDuck

You might be wondering about the duck in the AquaDuck. That would be the biggest name in Ducks, Uncle Donald himself. Yes, Donald Duck is the patron saint of watercoasters. He’s even plastered just below the entrance. Literally.

Just like a roller coaster, this high-speed ride has twists and turns, hills and thrills. The ride is 765 feet long and has a 4-deck drop. You are pushed by water jets through a translucent acrylic tube all around the ship. From the forward funnels almost the whole length of the ship.

When you reach the entrance, you will be issued a 2-person ride tube. (Guests over 54 inches tall can ride by themselves.) Hop in the tube and off you go. The ride starts off quickly with a turn over the sea which will take your breath away. As the ride progresses there are ups and downs. Yes, you actually are propelled uphill by the water jets. The ride ends in a lazy river.


You can’t miss the AquaDuck. It is every where. You’ll see it miles away from the ship. The entrance to the AquaDuck is located on Deck 12 of both the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy cruise ships. Like most water park rides, you will have to climb some stairs to reach the starting point.

The AquaDuck offers the best views of the pools, the upper decks, and even the ocean below. Now only are there beautiful views of the ship, but the tube itself makes for beautiful pictures.

Almost every picture you see from the deck the Disney Dream or the Disney Fantasy, you will see the AquaDuck. It even hangs out over the edge of the ship – 14 feet over the edge of the ship, to be exact.

Height and Age Requirements for the AquaDuck

Guests must be 42 inches to ride. (Disney is strict on height requirements.) Single riders must be 54 inches tall. Children under 7 must ride with someone 14 years or older.


The AquaLab is an 1,800 square foot wet play area for the younger ones. It’s also located on Deck 12. Join Huey, Dewey and Louie in the interactive play area. The interactive games include:

  • Moving wheels that control the speed and temperature of the AquaDuck
  • Water fun with pop jets and geysers
  • Controlling the water that runs into Uncle Donald’s Boat