Nassau, Bahamas: Disney Cruise Shore Excursions

On a 3 or 4 night Disney Cruise, the first stop is at Nassau Bahamas. Nassau is the largest city in the chain of islands that was actually home to the real Pirates of the Caribbean.

This island is one of the most beautiful places in the world. When your Disney Cruise ship pulls up the dock, you can jump off and take a tour of the historic island from the bay, swim with sea lions, or take a tour of the amazing Atlantis Resort on the aptly named Paradise Island.

Nassau is both the most modern and the most historic city in the Caribbean. It was actually burned to the ground in 1684 (yes, you read that right 1684) and was rebuilt and has expanded through the years. In 1713 it was proclaimed a “pirate republic” because of the pirates that inhabited the town.

Nassau is located on New Providence Island. It is the capital and center of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Atlantis, Paradise Island

The biggest attraction in Nassau is the Atlantis Resort which is located on Paradise Island. Atlantis is the largest casino in the area but it’s also much, much more. At Atlantis there are over 1,000 hotel rooms, a water park and the largest open air marine habitat including a swim with the dolphins experience.

Atlantis - Nassau, Bahamas
Photo by Danny McBride
The Atlantis - Bahamas Pool
The backside of water? – Photo by Danny McBride
The Atlantis - Bahamas - Slide
Photo by Danny McBride

At Atlantis, you can playa world championship golf course, experience some of the most incredible water slides you’ve ever imagined, try to identify the 50,000 species in the marine habitat, or just party the day and night away at one of the clubs that are almost everywhere.

Since there isn’t a casino on the cruise ship, you might want to spend some time in the 100,000 square foot casino.

Shore Excursions

You only spend a few hours in Nassau, so shore excursions are limited. You can always jump off the ship and grab a bicycle, scooter or taxi and make up your own shore excursion. (Be very careful, there are lots of reports of crime around the docks.)

Disney offers the following excursions –

  • Blue Lagoon Sea Lion Encounter
  • Discover Atlantis
  • Nassau Harbor Cruise
  • Graycliff Wine and Cheese tasting

(There is a lot of fine print for Disney Shore Excursions.)

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Nassau Bahamas is a beautiful and historic place to visit (yes, Dad and Mrs. Mom have been there before about 30 years ago). Don’t stray from the beaten paths and be very careful if you strike out on your own.

Disney Shore excursions offer the best of Nassau. Check them out.