Four Day Disney Cruise

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The Four Day Disney Cruise is the perfect way to top off a magical family vacation. The Disney Dream, leaves Port Canaveral every Wednesday morning on a magical journey through the Caribbean. (Yes, the Bahamas are part of the Caribbean.)



A Disney Cruise is perfect for all kinds of families. Yes, kids love Disney Cruises, but to be honest, a whole lot of adults love Disney Cruises too. The Disney Cruise Line is consistently rated as the top moderately priced cruise line in the business.


Told you that the Four Day Disney Cruise went to the Caribbean

The Dutchman at Castaway Cay part of a Four Day Disney Cruise

Photo by Peter Dedina

The Disney Dream

The Disney Dream started sailing in January of 2011. It replaced the Wonder on the 3 and 4 night itineraries. The Dream will have some new features, that are opening eyes all around the cruise industry. All of the inside staterooms will have a “virtual” port making them “virtual” outside cabins (Disney will probably charge more for these).


The Dream will be significantly larger than the Wonder. It will accommodate over 4,000 guests and have over 1,400 crew members. The Dream will have a 9 hole mini-golf course and “The Auqaduck” (the first water coaster at sea).

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Day 1 – Departure Day

Wednesday is sail away day on the four day Disney Cruise. This is a day to check out the magical cruise ship that will be your home for the next couple of days. Start out at the …


Join the Adventures Away! Sail Away Party. Every cruise ship has a sail away party, this one’s just a little different. It’s a child friendly party led by Captain Mickey Mouse and some of his friends. The party starts about 15 minutes after the ship departs Port Canaveral, Florida.


Departure is at 4:00 pm and begins with a blast from the horn. (The horn plays “When you wish upon a star.) During the party, TV cameras circulate through the crowds and project video of revelers on the big screen (it’s all G-rated fun.) Streamers and confetti are everywhere. A dance floor covers the Goofy pool and a the music blares and a great time is had by all. (Wow, has Dad been watching too many Disney commercials or what?)


The rest of the evening is filled with exploration, good food, a great show and fun at every turn. Make sure you take time to look around. The ships are really beautiful and full of surprises.

Day 2 – Nassau, Bahamas

Wake up on Day 2 of in Nassau. Nassau is the capital of the island nation called the Bahamas. Nassau is just about 180 miles from Miami Florida. During your day in Nassau, you can do all kinds of islandy things.


Nassau is home of the Atlantis Resort, one of the most unique tourist destinations in all of the Caribbean. Atlantis is home to one of the worlds largest open-air marine habitat (aquaruim). Over 50,000 creatures live in this area. Disney offers a 3 hour guided tour that will leave you wanting more.


In Nassau proper, you can take tours of old forts that are located around the island. For years the Bahamas served as a base for pirates (of the Caribbean). The Bahamas was a British colony and they the British governments built forts to protect the populace from the menacing horde. Oh, how the times have changed. (Now the government invites the menacing horde and charges them an arm and a leg.)


After a full day in Nassau, jump back on the boat for an evening of great shows and great food.

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Day 3 and 4 – Castaway Cay and at Sea

The next stop on your four day Disney Cruise is Disney’s Castaway Cay. You don’t want to miss this. One of the first things Disney looked for for the Disney Cruise Line was a private island where guests could spend time relaxing before returning to real life. They found a little island that was just perfect and Castaway Cay was born.


Castaway Cay is the perfect way to relax from the cares of the world. It has miles of those picture book white sand beaches surrounded by deep blue water. The water in the Bahamas is perfect for snorkeling and Castaway Cay is snorkeling paradise. Disney has even added some real nice touches for snorkelers. They’ve taken 2 of the old submarines from the old 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride and sunk them just for those who want to snorkel.


Disney has also added typical Disney touches all around the island. You’ll see remnants from airplane crashes and the buildings look like they’ve been there forever, but it’s all just Disney magic.

Like most things they do, Disney has thought of pretty much everything for your Four Day Disney Cruise. There is an area for adults only. It’s a quiet lagoon complete with open-air massages. You can find something for everyone somewhere on this 1,000 acre island paradise.


You also get to spend a full day at sea. This is a great time to really explore the Dream. Take in a first run Disney movie at the majestic theater, or spend the day at the pool sunning yourselves, or enjoy a fine adult-only meal at Palo, the choices are almost endless.

Day 4 + Back to Reality

When you wake up on go home day, Day 4 + of your Four Day Disney Cruise (yep, a bonus day, sorta), you will probably be arriving back at Port Canaveral. Get up early and grab one last breakfast before getting off the ship and starting the trip either home or to enjoy more of the magic back in Mickeyland.


Your suitcases will already be packed up and on their way to whatever your next destination might be. Disembarkation includes a quick (or sometimes not so quick) trip through customs then a bus trip back to reality.

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Get Started

Are you ready? I sure am. If you’d like some assistance booking your next cruise, I can’t think of a better place to get help than from my friends at Destinations to Travel. They know the Disney Cruise Line back and forth. Drop them a line today.


Dad’s Bottom Line

The Four Day Disney Cruise is a perfect beginning or ending to a great family vacation full of magic and memories.

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