Where Not to Buy Disney World Discount Tickets

Buying Disney World discount tickets is risky. You must know what you are doing. Every year hundreds of people get ripped when they buy Disney World tickets at a discount. Here are some ways you can get ripped off when looking for tickets.

First is the convenience stores around Walt Disney World. Dad spent a couple of weeks working in Orlando. There are several places around Disney World that “sell Disney World discount tickets”.

Don’t Buy Disney World Tickets from eBay/Craigslist

Disney picture

I pulled this off of eBay – it’s a picture of two park hopper tickets for sale. The ad portion says each ticket is worth $125.00 plus tax. The opening bid is $170.00.

I know, you’re asking, Dad, why shouldn’t I save $80.00 and buy these or any other ticket off eBay?

  • There is no way to verify if the Disney World discount tickets have already been used. Most Disney ticket fraud comes from tickets of no value.
  • This seller had a seller rating of (0) – usually a bad sign.
  • The seller’s profile had no previous sales listed.

I’m not saying you can’t buy tickets off of eBay or Craigslist… Well, Yes I Am. Don’t do it. Click here for Dad’s Disney World Ticket page

Don’t Buy Partially Used Tickets

You should NEVER buy partially used tickets unless you just want to throw your money away. A lot of the gas stations and corner shops around Disney World have booths that will sell you “partially” used tickets to the parks. Don’t do it.

There are some really good reasons you should not buy partially used passes to Disney World.

  • First, there is no way for anyone, other than Disney to verify the number of days that remain on the ticket. You can’t tell by looking. You used too be able to tell how many days had been used. Several years ago Disney went to the credit card style ticket and there is no visible way to tell what is left.
  • Second, Disney uses a “biometric” system to verify a card is being used by the purchaser. It’s like a fingerprint. That’s why you have to put your finger in the little slot when you enter a park. They also use it to catch major criminals. (Not really.) Don’t worry if you and the missus swap tickets, all tickets that are purchased together are supposedly interchangeable.
  • The last and most important reason not to buy partially used Disney World Discount Tickets is (shhhh don’t tell anyone) It’s against the law. Yep, Uncle Walt’s boys do have that much influence in Florida. Reselling tickets to a theme park (who’d want to resell tickets to that other park) is illegal in Florida. It’s punishable by jail time and a fine. You can even get in trouble for trying to use tickets that you didn’t purchase.

Dad’s about to sing again …

One of my favorite Paul Simon songs has a line in it that says …

“It’s against the law, it was against the law, what that mama saw, it was against the law” (Yep, Dad sings good.)

Disney doesn’t usually try to put people in jail for using tickets that they didn’t purchase, but, they will bar you from entering the parks.

Web Scams

Web sites (like one called All World Ticketing) are beginning to pop up with a new “scam”. They offer to sell you discount Disney World discount tickets for up to 50% off of Disney prices. (Sounds really good.) There is even a guy, usually named Jack, who will meet you at the ticket booth and give you a code for your tickets. You go to the ticket booth, buy your ticket, and then after you get the ticket you give Jack the money (cash). What could possibly go wrong?

Dad’s heard that All World Ticketing is out of business or has changed names. Be careful. There are others running the same scam.

Here is another scam. (This one should set off alarm bells for lots of reasons) You reserve your tickets and meet someone in a parking lot and give them the money and they give you tickets. DON’T DO IT!

Dad Recommends

Dad recommends you buy your tickets from AUTHORIZED Disney ticket reseller or Disney itself. Dad’s favorite ticket broker is the Official Ticket Center. They have great prices and have been around for ever. (OK, not forever, but for a long, long time.) They are an AUTHORIZED Disney Ticket Reseller. Click here for Dad’s Official Ticket Center page

How to Keep Your Tickets Safe

Here’s a bit of advice with any Disney World Ticket.

If your park ticket gets lost or stolen or just quits working and you need a replacement you can go to Guest Services and get a new one. However, sometimes (it’s supposed to be all the time) you are asked to provide the credit card that purchased the ticket (unless you purchased from an authorized Disney Ticket seller). If you don’t have that card your ticket will not be replaced. Oops. Bad juju. So…

  1. Keep your credit card handy
  2. Make a copy of both sides of your ticket and put them in your wallet (or some waterproof place). Or take a picture on your smartphone. Or if you’re using Magic Bands, make sure to take a screenshot of your My Disney Experience account with your tickets linked in.
  3. Always have a photo ID with you.

Dad’s Dadly Advice

Don’t ever buy from anyone that doesn’t accept credit cards. (That goes for just about anything these days.) Most scam artists only take cash or money orders. They are a lot harder to track. Don’t buy any ticket that seems to be a really great deal.

If you totally ignore Dad’s advice and decide to meet someone and buy tickets, take their picture. Ask for a copy of their Florida Tax ID (if they don’t collect sales tax it’s a scam). Take a video of your transaction and if everything works out send me a note with pictures and video and I’ll eat my hat.

Dad’s Bottom Line

When it comes to buying Disney World Discount Tickets on the internet (or in person), use some common sense.

If a deal sounds too good to be true, run and hide!!!