You NEED a Travel Agent for YOUR Walt Disney World Vacation

Dad says, (trust Dad) you NEED a travel agent for YOUR WDW vacation. Yes you do. I can sum up why you should have a travel agent for a Walt Disney World vacation in one word.

Matthew. OK, two words, Hurricane Matthew.On October 7, 2016, Walt Disney World closed, CLOSED because of the approaching Hurricane Matthew. What a mess. Just look of that picture above. That’s from October 6 when they closed the Magic Kingdom early and Disney ran everyone out.

When Matthew happened, the airport closed, highways closed, restaurants closed, pretty much all of Orlando and most of Florida closed. So what happened to guests? How did they find out what was happening? What if their travel reservations were messed up? What did they do? What would you do?

This is why you NEED a Travel Agent for your Walt Disney World vacation!

Stuff Happens

The old saying goes, “Into each life a little rain must fall” or something like that. Sometimes that “rain” comes down in buckets and can mess up the BEST. PLAN. EVER. My sincere hope is things like this NEVER happen to you, but…

A Few Examples

Here are a couple of stories of “rain storms” that interrupted vacations from a couple of Dad’s followers.

The Seizure

It was a hot day at Disneyland and Sullivan wasn’t feeling so well. All of a sudden he had a seizure. It was so bad that he had to be rushed to the hospital. Sullivan’s mom was distraught and didn’t know where to turn so she called up her Destinations to Travel agent.

Cindy (the Destinations to Travel Agent) was able to arrange an extra day in the park, ice cream sundaes for the evening to help calm things down and a nice dinner for their last day.

Sullivan’s mom was thrilled.

PS. Sullivan came through fine.

Taken from a note from Sullivan’s Mom

Grandma Passed Away

My Grandma passed away on the evening before our trip. I called our agent Andrea at 9:30 pm on the night before we were to check in, completely upset on so many levels.

Being so close to travel we were convinced that we would miss out on our highly anticipated Disney vacation, completely forfeit the amount that we paid, and miss out on the free dining that Andrea (Destination to Travel Agent) had secured for us months before.

She immediately called Disney on our behalf and spent some time trying to reschedule our trip. With some extra magic and pixie dust she was able to find availability to reschedule our vacation for the next month AND get free dining.

Her phone call was a little brightness during our grief and we were so thankful that she was there to take care of everything so that we could just focus on our family.

I highly recommend using a travel agent for so many reasons, but in this case if we hadn’t we would have spent hours on the phone during this difficult time. Instead we could just leave it in the hands of our agent and focus on our family. We have since returned from this magical vacation and can’t wait to book our next trip with Destinations to Travel.

Note from a Dad fan

This is why you NEED a travel agent for YOUR Disney World Vacation.

Dad’s “Calm the Storm” Friend

I’m an experienced Travel Planner. In fact, for a while I was actually a travel agent and almost bought a travel agency once upon a time. I know how to book my own trips, but I still use a travel agent for all my Disney vacations just in case of a “storm”.

I book my vacations with, yes, you guessed it, my partners at Destinations to Travel. I’ve been working with Shannon and her company for over 2 years and couldn’t be happier. It’s not because they pay me (they do) but because of the feedback I get from the guests that use them.

Destinations to Travel will help “calm the storms” that come up during every Walt Disney World vacation. Hopefully, you’ll never have a hurricane, a seizure, or a death in the family that interrupts your trip. But if you do, you’ll be very glad you had a Travel Agent for your Disney World vacation.

Give my friends at Destinations to Travel a shout. Trust Me!

Dad’s Destinations to Travel page

Yes, even Dad NEEDS a Travel Agent for MY Walt Disney World vacation.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Yes, it is pretty easy to book your own trip to Walt Disney World. But don’t! Yes, I mean it. Don’t book your own Disney World vacation. You NEED a Travel Agent for YOUR Walt Disney World vacation. Yes you do!

I hope you’ll check out my partner and friends over at Destinations to Travel. Yes, if you have a Travel Agent you are comfortable with, by all means, use them. As for Dad, I’ll be using Destinations to Travel. I always do.

What are you waiting for?