When will Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and the Star Wars hotel open?

Today we have 2 questions about the same thing so I’m combining them here.


“I am planning our first family trip to Walt Disney World in May 2019. I have heard a rumor that the Star Wars Land” (Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge) “will open May 5th? Do you know if this is true? I am trying to avoid crowds because I will have my 2 small kids and we have room to travel whenever it is best. Any advice? Ty!”

And from Annie…

“1. Do we know what month and year Star Wars Land will be finished in Walt Disney World?

2. Do we know what month and year Star Wars hotel will be finished please?”

The model for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge looks haunting


This is going to be so cool – Photo by Rich Ramos

Like many of you, I can’t wait for the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (the official name of Star Wars Land) and the hotel. My heart will probably jump out of my chest the first time we make the jump to light speed in the Millenium Falcon.


As to when Galaxy’s Edge will open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the only “official” date so far is 2019. There’s no mention of May or June or any month. The only hint of a time is that Disneyland will open first.


***UPDATE: Disney announced the opening date for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge as Late Fall 2019.


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My guess is that it will be summer at the earliest. I don’t foresee Galaxy’s Edge being open before the end of May, but that’s just my guess.


We don’t even have an opening date for Toy Story Land and that opens this year.


***UPDATE: Toy Story Land opened on June 30, 2018.


As to the new hotel, it’s farther off than Galaxy’s Edge. They haven’t even laid the foundation for it, so my guess is it will open at least a year after the land.


I will say that while crowds in Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be way up the next couple of years, overall crowds won’t jump up that much if Pandora is any indicator.


When Pandora – the World of Avatar opened, Animal Kingdom was busy every day, but the other parks pretty much stayed at a normal crowd level. Maybe even down a little bit.


For the latest on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and the new Star Wars Hotel and all the new additions to Walt Disney World, check out the “Countdown to 2021” section of WDW Magazine


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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is it’s too early to know when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open, and way too early to know anything about the Star Wars hotel.


Comments for When will Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and the Star Wars hotel open?

Jan 27, 2019 Star Wars hotel
by: Anonymous Does anyone know the name of the Star Wars hotel?

Dad Answers

Not yet.

Jul 24, 2018 Thank you for responding…
by: Ron I am VERY glad that you took the time to respond to my inquiry (I apologize for it being rather “long”, but sometimes you have to be to get the right answers). Based on what you shared with me (especially since you don’t focus on Disneyland), I am feeling MUCH better about my upcoming trip to California!!! Thanks again for everything!!!

Jul 21, 2018 re: “Star Wars land” in Disneyland (California)
by: Ron I know that your blog really only focuses on the parks in Florida, but you are usually so “spot-on” with your advice that I wanted to ask you for your honest opinions about the targeted opening for the “Star Wars land” in California.I like the “Star Wars” movies just as much as the next guy (especially “Empire Strikes Back”), but I absolutely HATE crowds (fortunately, I have never experienced them at Disneyland Park…as for the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT, well that’s another story for another time…), and I also want to AVOID both of the “Star Wars lands” at ALL COST for at least a DECADE…and maybe even more time beyond that!!!I do NOT want my “long-overdue-already-planned-and-paid-for-and-cannot-be-changed” visit to California next year (spring of 2019) to basically be ruined due to the INEVITABLE capacity closure at the Disneyland Park entrance IF “Star Wars land” has already opened by the time I get there (I will be in California from the last Saturday in April until the first Sunday in May, but I was only planning on going to Disneyland Park one day: Wednesday, May 1st, 2019)!!!

I want to know if you believe that “Star Wars land” in California would already be open to EVERYBODY by May 1st, 2019, because if so, I am going to need a lot of advice on EVERYTHING that I will need to do in order to make sure that I am absolutely one of the very first human beings to be standing in front of the main entrance turnstiles to Disneyland Park BEFORE they are opened to everyone at 8 A.M. (thankfully, the day I was planning on going is not currently scheduled to be an “early-entry” day)…that way, I could at least actually get into the park (also, I know this will not be the case by then, but nowadays, most people don’t even show up there until after 10 A.M. so the first couple hours are AWESOME), but obviously, I will need to stay FAR, FAR, FAR away from Frontierland to avoid all of the CHAOS (however, I still would want to go on the “Haunted Mansion” ride and the “Indiana Jones” ride, so do you think I would have any issues with either of those, since they are somewhat close to Frontierland???)…I welcome your thoughts on the matter…

Dad Answers

I really have no clue about Disneyland. I don’t follow it much and I’ve only been there once in the last 50 years. But…

I do know that Disney has announced that it will open in the Summer of 2019. The very earliest that will be is Memorial Day weekend.

If you are going May 1st, there’s no way it will be open by then and if it is, it will be like the Pandora opening where only select people (Passholders, or soft opening, etc.) are getting in. But I very much doubt that happens.

My guess is it won’t actually open until mid-summer.

Early May will be fine.

Jul 02, 2018 Opening season
by: Anonymous They announce late fall 2019 for the galaxy edge opening at Disney World. No specific dates. No date for the Star Wars hotel, but I’d assume it will open at the same time.

Apr 10, 2018 2019 Galaxy’s Edge opening
by: Matthew Snodgrass I, too, have not seen anything regarding the opening date of Galaxy’s Edge beyond “2019” and that the park in Disneyland will open prior to Disney World. I’m trying to plan a trip to visit when it opens, but I can’t find anything more specific than “2019.”

Dad Answers


No one (even Disney) knows when Galaxy’s Edge will open next year. My guess is August or so.

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