Disney Dining Plan Calculators

Introducing Dad’s Disney Dining Plan Calculator. It’s one of Dad’s tools to help plan your Disney World Vacation.


It’s easy to use and very handy. All you do is look up the menu of the Disney World restaurant you will be visiting, and fill out Dad’s little magic worker.


Walt Disney World dining plan calculator

One for each Plan

Dad has developed a different tool for each Disney World Dining Plan. Download the one you need, or download them all and try them out.


Each calculator comes complete with links to the menus of all Disney World Restaurants. Check out the instruction page for instructions.


The 3 day trip is filled out as an example.


There are four different spreadsheets. Click on the links below to download the spreadsheet.

Check out the Dining Plans and see if they make sense for you.

Dad’s Disney Dining Plan page


Destinations to Travel


Dad’s Bottom Line

One thing Dad is really big on when it comes to the Walt Disney World Dining Plan is doing your homework. It’s pretty easy just to buy the Dining Plan and because Disney says so, assume you are saving money. It probably doesn’t work that way. You have to be careful to make sure you use the Dining Plan to its fullest.


Give Dad’s Disney Dining Plan calculators a try. Let me know what you think.


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Disney Dining Plan

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