Disney World Crowds: Our Best Tips

Dad hates dealing with Walt Disney World crowds. So he’s learned how to deal with them. He wants to pass some of that information on to you. You’re welcome. Here are some of Dad’s favorite tips for dealing with crowds.

Disney World Crowds Tips

NUMBER 1 – Dad’s Top Disney World Crowd Tip

Here’s Dad’s NUMBER 1, sure-fire, never fails way to miss the most crowds on your Disney World vacation. GET YOUR LAZY REAR ENDS OUT OF BED!!!!!!!

Most people, when on vacation like to sleep in (imagine that actually resting on a vacation). The same thing happens at Disney World. Crowds are usually fairly light first thing in the morning and the parks fill up as the day goes on.

NUMBER 1A – Tip Number 2 is as Important as #1

If you want to ride Dumbo without too much of a wait you have to put Dad’s crowd tip NUMBER 1 into practice.

To ride Dumbo without a wait, arrive at the park 30 minutes prior to opening. When Disney let’s you in the park, walk quickly, don’t run (Disney frowns on running adults), around the castle on the right Dumbo will be just ahead.

Dad’s Walt Disney World crowds page

Dad’s Bottom Line

You can’t always avoid the throngs, the hoards, and the unwashed masses at Disney World, but you can avoid the worst of them by getting up early and having a plan of attack.