Walt Disney – Hero to all men

Walt Disney, Dad's Hero
Dad’s Hero – Walt Disney and friend
Photo by JeffChristiansen

Yes, I said, Walt Disney is a Hero to all Men. Probably women too, but he’s a hero especially to men.


Ladies, I’m sorry, but I need to talk to the guys for a minute.


Come on….

I’m waiting…

OK, guys it’s safe.

Walt Disney the ultimate man.

Guys, just look at what Uncle Walt has brought us… Movies, TV Shows, Nature Documentaries and the most MANLY playgrounds anywhere.


What an amazing story. Uncle Walt built a whole empire based on rodents and varmits, things that would otherwise be disgusting. He found some way of making them acceptable even to the most squeamish women.

My hero…

The MANLY Playground

Uncle Walt has built some of the most MANLY playgrounds on the face of the earth. I know some of you are doubting my word. You think Dad’s flipped, but just look

A small sample of MANLY stuff at Disney World…

  • You can drive a race car at 150+ MPH, yes a real race car, and yes, you get to drive.
  • You can shoot aliens with a laser.
  • You can fish, golf, play tennis, baseball, football, water ski, swim, snorkle… you get the idea.
  • And the food… Check out Dad’s ‘Ohana page… all the steak you can eat.
  • Have you every wondered why there’s a grandstand at the bottom of Summit Plummet? Think about it.
  • The first two hotels were a tropical paradise and a futuristic icon with a train running through it.

All this, and the wife and kids beg to come along. What could be better.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Walt Disney World is the perfect place for men to take their families. Uncle Walt does it right. He mixes in just enough kiddie and frilly stuff to keep the wife and kids happy, but everything else he designed just for us guys (don’t let the secret out).