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Top 5 Souvenirs in EPCOT’s World Showcase

For this Souvenir Saturday, we’re going to take a trip over to the World Showcase!  Let’s take a look at the 5 best souvenirs sold in this section of EPCOT!

5. Wood Carvings from Village Traders

Village Traders at the World Showcase’s African Outpost has one of the most interactive souvenirs you can find in EPCOT (yes, interactive).  Watching a Cast Member create stunning wood carvings right before your eyes is not only entertaining, but a very effective way of marketing these items (trust me, I learned that the hard way).  Every carving for sale at Village Traders is simply awesome.  Whether you want to buy one of these items or not, watching a live wood carver is a terrific experience itself!

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

4. Viking Helmet from Norway

Do you seek the spirit of Norway?  (I know we have some Maelstrom fans still out there, right?)  Well, you can find plenty of adventure and peril in The Puffin’s Roost!  The Norwegian products sold here include toy shields, toy swords, troll figurines, and my personal favorite, Viking helmets!

Taken in The Puffin's Roost – Photo courtesy of 'Pics from the World of Disney'

Taken inside The Puffin’s Roost – Photo courtesy of ‘Pics from the World of Disney’

3. Cologne/Perfume from Italy

Love cologne or perfume?  Il Bel Cristallo at EPCOT’s Italy Pavilion is filled with the incredible smells of several Italian fragrances.  Although this store also sells Italian jewelry, Armani porcelain figures, Murano crystal, and other decorative products, the tasteful, radiating scents of these colognes and perfumes make those items the “main attraction” here.  (Be sure to smell the fragrance titled “Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo” – I bring home a bottle of this every time I visit WDW!)

Il Bel Cristallo is to the left! – Photo courtesy of 'WDW Shutterbug'

Il Bel Cristallo is to the left! – Photo courtesy of ‘WDW Shutterbug’

2. Engraved Glassware in Germany

Glaskunst, a free-standing shop at EPCOT’s Germany Pavilion, sells a tremendous amount different types of glassware – all of which can be personally engraved right there in front of you!  These glasses have different Disney characters, park icons, and German symbols pre-printed on them.  I always think some of the coolest ones sold at this kiosk are the authentic German steins and the boot-shaped glasses.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

1. Sombrero in Mexico

All sorts of authentic Mexican products can be found in the village/marketplace area inside this pavilion, Plaza de los Amigos.  Through all the piñatas, t-shirts, miniature animal figures, and painted plates, the most popular items here are the sombreros!  Trying on these large, colorful hats make for some of the most unforgettable pictures taken during your WDW vacation.  I don’t think I have ever visited Plaza de los Amigos and not seen at least one person wearing one of the several sombreros that this place has to offer.  Do you usually take pictures with a sombrero when you visit EPCOT’s Mexico Pavilion?

Right to Left: Danny (Dad's Chief of Social Media), Danny's Cousin Janel, Danny's Cousin Kaitit

Right to Left: Danny (Dad’s Chief of Social Media), Danny’s Cousin Janel, Danny’s Cousin Kaitie

Photo courtesy of 'Disney Photo Snapper'

Photo courtesy of ‘Disney Photo Snapper’

Honorable Mention: Liberty Voices CDs in The American Adventure

The Voices of Liberty, my personal favorite activity to see or do in EPCOT, goes by the name “Liberty Voices” when performing outside of Walt Disney World.  Heritage Manor Gifts, the gift shop adjacent to The American Adventure, sells some of the albums that they have made over the years.  There is no way I could leave these CDs out of this ultimate World Showcase shopping list – they really are that good!

Copyright: Liberty Voices

Copyright: Liberty Voices

There you have it – the top 5 souvenirs in the World Showcase!  Which souvenir that you’ve bought in this part of the park is your favorite?

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