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The #ToyStoryLand Media Event – Dad goes to Toy Story Land!!!!

by Dad
(The Office)

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Last month, I had the very great honor of being invited to the Media Event celebrating the opening of #ToyStoryLand. Yep, Dad went to Toy Story Land (and it was AWESOME).

Being a “Media Influencer” is so cool

The Media Preview Package

Here’s the Media Influencer package of information I got when I arrived

This is so cool. About a year ago, Disney started sending us invitations to Media Events. Disney has a group of “Media Influencers” and looks to us to help bring the message about new shows, attractions, events and lots more to our followers. It’s really cool.

Earlier this year they even sent us on a #DisneyCruise.

For the last few months, I’ve been watching the construction of Toy Story Land as part of the media group. The idea was to see the construction and come to the opening and experience Toy Story Land all finished.

The Toy Story Land Media Event

The invitation to the Media Preview of Toy Story Land

I got the email!!!!!

Back in April, I got my invitation to the event. Yippee. The Media Event was scheduled for June 28th and 29th. Toy Story Land was scheduled to open on June 30th so we were going to get in right before it opened and be there for the dedication.

Just like waiting for any Disney trip, time crawled until finally I got on the plane and headed for Orlando. Dad’s going to Toy Story Land. I was really excited. Like a kid in a candy shop.

In fact, I posted a video the night before from my room at the Yacht Club over in our community- Dad’s pretty excited about #ToyStoryLand.

Meeting my guide

Forrest, my Disney Guide for the Toy Story Land Media Event

Forrest was a GREAT guide!

One of the absolute best things about going to a Media Event with Disney is they take good care of you. There is a whole group that is tasked with answering our questions and getting us the information we need.

At the Toy Story Land Media Event they took this to a whole new level.

One of the questions I was asked before I arrived was if I wanted a guide to help me during my trip. My initial reaction was us, who do you think I am. I’m sure I know more than any guide you can assign to me. But after asking around a little the consensus was having a Disney Guide is a good thing. So I said yes.

The consensus was correct. Having a Disney Guide is a good thing. A real good thing.

So first thing on Thursday morning June 28th, I met my Disney Guide. His name was Forrest. He was AWESOME!

After taking care of a few preliminaries, Forrest found out we could go on in. It was 8 am. The park didn’t even open until 9, but because we were part of the Media Event, we waltzed right in and headed for Toy Story Land!

(No I didn’t turn around and stick my tongue out at the people waiting in line. At least you can’t prove I did.)

Over the next 36 hours, Forrest kept me on schedule, fed me information about Toy Story Land, brought me a cooling rag just when I needed it, and even brought me water when it was hot. I can’t thank Forrest enough. He was AWESOME! (Yes, I’m repeating myself.)

Have you ever…

Walking through Toy Story Land with no crowds

It was so cool to be there with no crowds

Have you ever been all by yourself in a Disney Park? No crowds at all? Walking on rides with no wait at all? Riding rides all by yourself (or with only a few other people?

That was my experience at the #ToyStoryLand Media Event. It was almost spooky. The first morning we walked into Toy Story Land and there were probably less than 500 people there. Take a look at the first “ride through” and see just how beautiful and empty it is – Dad rides through Toy Story Land.

The great thing about the Media Event was it gave me all kinds of time to soak in the beauty. To explore the details, to experience the rides (4 times on Slinky Dog Dash). And to get a feel for the experience. I’ve pretty much done this in all the other areas of Walt Disney World (except Pandora: The World of Avatar), but it’s taken years to soak everything in.

I was able to really dive deep into Toy Story Land over the 2 days we were there.

It was a great experience.

All the extras

The stage for the dedication was behind the Jessie curtain

Setting up for the Dedication

I could go on and on for hours about the whole event. The gifts, the AIR CONDITIONED Media Center, the interviews, the information flow, the Dedication, the luncheon, the party, all the gifts, boring things like that. It really was a GREAT experience.

For more about my trip to Toy Story Land, check out our Facebook Live Party where I talked about the trip – Dad Talks Toy Story Land

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Thank you Disney for inviting me to the #ToyStoryLand Media Preview. It was FABULOUS. I can’t wait for the next one. (Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge construction?)


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